3M Safety Walk Anti-Skid Tapes for Homes

Most of us have experienced the just-missed-falling-down feeling in the shower or while stepping out of one. The quick reflex and resulting racing heart are very comforting compared to the pain of an awkward fall. Many of these falls can cause injuries that can nag you for life. And if you are pregnant, the fall may even harm the tiny life growing inside you.

One way to prevent this, is to make your floors rough to aid grip. 3M Safety-Walk Anti-Skid tapes help you do just that on floors that are smooth and potentially slippery. This fine-textured, self-adhesive vinyl material helps provide enhanced safety and comfort for barefoot on flooring material like granite, marble, tiles, laminated panels etc. The "wet areas" version of the tape is almost translucent, and is specially manufactured with water-resistant acrylate adhesive making it ideal for showers, tubs, surfboards, around hot tubs and pools. The "dry area" version is black in color and can be used in stairways

There are various grades of the 3M Anti-skid tape of which, some are perfect for residential use. There are other items that can be used in commercial and high traffic areas too.

The tape is easy to apply on a smooth and dry surface. A liquid primer is also part of the pack. This process helps improve the bond strength of the tape to the floor. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. You could look up videos online as well.

As the 3M's product tag line says, "Its better Safe than Slippery", this product is a must have for homes with elderly, children and expecting mothers.