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4 Month Baby Milestones

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Babies are exciting little bundles that spread joy and happiness to parents and complete the family. It is just so astounding to watch babies grow up little by little, and suddenly one day, the newborns are a year old. Babies hit new milestones such as rolling, sitting, walking every month, and this gives new parents immense joy. If you are a happy parent of a newborn, you must feel thrilled at every new thing your baby does. Today we will discuss the developmental of 4 Month baby milestones, its weight, and common activities of this age.
4 Month baby milestones activities
PHYSICAL AND MOTOR COMPETENCIES of 4 Month baby milestones
Other developments in 4 Month baby
You can help your baby to develop in the fourth month
4 Month baby milestones weight in kg
4 Months old baby Sleep
Food of 4 Month baby milestones

4 Month baby milestones activities:

A 4 Month baby milestones are supposed to develop specific physical as well as intellectual mileposts as it is growing at a very fast pace. Let us discuss some of them as below:Baby Milestones 4 Months

PHYSICAL AND MOTOR COMPETENCIES of 4 Month baby milestones:

  • The weight should be twice more than the original birth weight.
  • The head should be firm while they are sitting.
  • Should be able to sit up straight with support.
  • When on the tummy, they should be able to look with the head raised.
  • Can play with a rattle, hold it by using both hands.
  • It starts putting the objects in the mouth.
  • Sleeping peacefully through the night as well and taking two naps during the daytime.


  • We will be able to see things which are closer.
  • Better coordination of hands and eyes
  • Can coo and laugh loudly
  • It can indicate that she is hungry when she sees a bottle in case the baby is bottle-fed.
  • She can identify the voice or the sense of touch of her parents and caregivers.


Other developments in 4 Month baby: 

Less feeding 
In the first three months, you’ll have been feeding your baby less compare to the fourth month. Because your baby’s stomach is now a little bigger than before, meaning they can take on more milk during each sitting.
First teeth
There are chances to get first teeth any time from three months to one year old to your baby, but they may start gnawing their fist and frantically rubbing their gums about now it is trials and tribulations to come. If your baby gets red patches on their gum and are dribbling a lot, you will know the first teeth. Generally, first teeth come at bottom front one is probably on its way.

Weaning is an exciting and fun stage which should start when your baby is around six months old. At 4 Month, it is also a good time to start preparing for this weaning at 4 Month baby milestones and learn about the signs that show your baby is ready. Think carefully about which foods you will introduce to your baby first and find out about the benefits of combining baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding.

You can help your baby to develop in the fourth month:

  • You can make your baby’s sense of touch using different materials like soft kind of toys, Towels, pillows to improve touch sense in your little one. 
  • Introduce different sounds or music to your baby, as there is growing that make active involvement in music can have positive things for children’s intellectual and social development also.
  • It can be a good moment to introduce toys that play music or sounds. Your baby will play with these toys and definitely enjoy it.
  • Your baby is more playful at this stage, so encourage them to play with more toys or objects. Watch them, hold it, suck them, and also scrunch it up.


4 Month baby milestones weight in kg

The growth and the development of the baby become of paramount importance for the parents. In Indian society, many judges the mothers by how the baby looks physically; thus, a chubby baby is generally considered healthy than an active or a thinner one. However, as per the medical practitioners, the weight of the baby is not dependent on the intake of the food but even on genetics and their body metabolism As per the growth charts set by WHO the weight of a 4-month-old- baby boy should be around 5.6-8.6 kgs whereas a girl of four months should be near to 5.1-8.1 kgs. This growth indicator helps the doc tors to gauge the growth and development of the baby.

4 Months old baby Sleep:

At 4 Months old baby sleep, you might encounter a frustrating experience with your infant, thanks to sleep regression. There are 7 Sleep regressions happen during different stages. The first one occurs around 4 months old. Your baby may be settled into a predictable pattern of sleep by now and suddenly shows like this:

  • Wake up frequently during night time
  • Refusing sleep or naps

It is the result of a “growth spurt” in your baby brain and body and is fully temporary in your baby, so ideal with a sleep regression, continue to be consistent with your baby’s routine and sleep patterns at this age.

  • Although it’s going to be difficult to stay to your infant’s routine during a sleep regression, it’s best to continue laying them down at their normal sleep and nap times and any sleep routines you’ve got established, sort of a bedtime bath or story.

One additional development this month, which will affect your baby’s sleep, is their new ability to roll over from front to back. When your baby is capable of rolling, you’ll want to reconsider employing a swaddle, because the blanket may come untucked or unrolled and pose a risk to your baby. The asleep sack could also be more appropriate.

Food of 4 Month baby milestones:

Baby Milestones 4 Months
As per the World Health Organisation’s recommendation, solids should not be started until the infant reaches the age of 6 months. However, many medical practitioners give the go-ahead to the parents to start solids for babies around four months as well.
In case a parent has been advised to give solids by a doctor, the ones mentioned below should be given only:

  • The best cereal and one which has the least allergic reactions are made from rice and oatmeal.


  • Raw fruits should only be served once the child is eight months; however soft fruits can be given even before this time in the case, the fruit pulp is soft and also keep in mind if the baby is able to digest it.


  • One should never substitute breast milk or top feed until the baby is a year old as it leads to severe health issues.
  • If solids are started for the baby at the age of 4 months, it is important to focus on what the baby eats and remember that she will only take a bite-size portion and not the whole food.

Thus, we can say that a 4 Month baby milestones grow at a steadfast pace. However, the look of the baby should not be a parameter to judge the mother as all mothers leave no stone unturned to make sure that her little one is happy and healthy. As long as the baby is developing well and is active, weight gain should not be given too much importance. It should be understood that an active baby has a healthy brain.

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