4 Simple Life Habits That Will Improve Your Day

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We all struggle to develop healthy, good habits that will help us get through the day with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and fulfillment. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to improve your life – and your children’s lives by extension.

Here are 4 simple life habits that will help you and your family experience a better quality of life.

simple life habits
4 Simple Life Habits That Will Improve Your Day

1). Get Better Sleep

One of the most important things you as a parent can do for yourself and for your children is to get better sleep.

Now, all parents know that getting better sleep is sooner said than done. However, it may be more doable than you think.

If you and/or your children are not getting enough sleep, check your sleep environment, starting with your mattress.

There are two key things to look at here: whether your mattress is sufficiently comfortable, and whether or not it is too warm.

Believe it or not, too much warmth can make it hard for you to fall asleep, and you may have only fitful sleep at that.

This is where cooling mattresses, such as the Diamond Breeze by Muse Sleep, come in. These mattresses combine innovations in comfort and temperature regulation, using memory foam and gel technologies to provide unparalleled sleep experiences.

2). Practice Gratitude

A mindset and a practice of gratitude can profoundly change your life, and your children’s lives by extension.

Take a moment to think about the stressors of your life. No doubt they’re never far from your mind: work, bills, children’s health, schedule obligations, children’s behavior, wondering if you’re doing the right thing as a parent and in your career…

It can be very difficult to escape these stressors.

But wait, what about the things you’re grateful for?

Start a daily gratitude practice, one in which you develop a positive mindset by focusing on the things you’re grateful for.

You might start with your children. Think about the first time you held them. Hopefully you have some special, cherished memories of them that always make you smile.

What about friends? Family? People who have treated you with kindness?

By focusing on the things you’re grateful for, you can make a huge change in your mindset. Think of this as another way to practice mindful parenting, because your kids will unquestionably notice the change.

Children are very sensitive to what the adults in their lives say, do, and how they say and do it. Show them how grateful you are even through the frustrating moments, and you’ll make a big impact for good.

3). Keep the House Picked Up

Some parents manage to run neat, tidy houses even with rugrats scampering through them. But let’s be honest, many of us struggle with this.

If you make it a practice to keep the house picked up to the greatest extent that you can, though, you’re likely to find your overall state of mind improves.

One way to approach this is to think about daily activities that create messes – meals, laundry, children’s play time, etc. – and then create cleanliness and neatness habits around those activities.

If you fill your sink full of warm suds while you’re cooking dinner, you can clean at least some of the dishes while you’re cooking.

Similarly, if you put the laundry in a room where you know you’ll be much of the time – perhaps the living room, perhaps your bedroom – you can fold it in spare moments while you’re doing other things.

4). Cook Healthy Food

We live in an age that is constantly on the go, and many parents struggle to find the energy to do everything they need to do in order to get themselves and their children through the day.

It’s not easy or convenient to take the time to learn to cook healthy food, but it is an investment that pays off with dividends.

Healthy food will help you and your family to have more energy and avoid weight and other health issues.

It’s not difficult to go online and learn a few easy, healthy, delicious, budget-friendly recipes. You might start with a skillet dinner approach, cooking meat and a variety of veggies in a big pan and then improvising from there – think brown rice and whole-wheat pasta.

If you take the time to cook a big meal on the weekend or a day when you have fewer other responsibilities, you may be able to have leftovers for more than one night after that.

Don’t be afraid to involve your children once they’re old enough. Tell them learning to cook is a good skill for when they’re grown – and as an added inducement, it will endear them to romantic partners.

With a little planning, mealtimes can become healthier and if anything, even more, delicious for the whole family.


Our lives all have plenty of stress. Fortunately, there are ways to improve. These 4 simple life habits will help you to have more energy and feel more abundance in life – and that’s the best example you can set for your children as a parent.

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