4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Hearing Loss

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Even if hearing loss is commonly associated with aging, it can actually affect anyone at any age. The alarming fact is that the chances of reversing complete hearing loss are slim to none in many people. However, the good news is that hearing loss is preventable. There are some practices that everyone can integrate into their lifestyle for protection against this issue. Read on to discover the four ways you can protect yourself from hearing loss.


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1. Avoid Loud Noises

Frequent exposure to loud noise can hurt your ears, causing either temporary or permanent hearing loss. Avoid exposing yourself to loud noises as much as possible or use ear protection while in noisy environments.

Examples of noise-induced hearing loss environments include loud workplaces like chainsaw operations, lawnmowers, and construction sites. Leisure environments such as clubs and concerts are also a common culprit. In these noisy environments, you often have to shout to the person next to you for them to hear. If you can’t avoid them completely, you can consider using ear muffs or noise-canceling headphones to block unwanted noise. If you’re able, try to find a sacred place at home where you can relax and meditate, away from loud noises.

2. Get Regular Hearing Checkups

Since common hearing loss develops gradually, it is imperative to ask your primary care physician to incorporate hearing screening sessions during your regular health checkups. As far as your wellness is concerned, consulting a hearing health professional annually can ensure that any signs of hearing loss are detected early enough to take immediate action before the situation worsens. This also helps prevent other potential health concerns such as depression and dementia.

3. Removing Excess Ear Wax

Earwax filters and keeps harmful substances like dirt and dust at bay, preventing them from going deep inside the ear’s delicate part. While ears are self-cleaning, sometimes too much earwax can build up and start causing symptoms or cerumen impaction. This could eventually lead to hearing loss or temporary deafness. In this case, removing hard wax from the ears can help protect your hearing. This is where professional earwax cleaning comes in.

Notably, the ears are very delicate, and you could end up causing more damage while cleaning them. If you suspect earwax blockage, it is best to talk to a hearing health specialist to have them professionally cleaned. They can help ensure that your ears retain just the right amount of wax to maintain your ears’ healthy functioning.

4. Be Aware of Drugs That Cause Hearing Loss

Surprisingly, most over-the-counter and prescribed drugs are linked to many types of hearing loss. They are also known as ototoxic medications and chemicals. They include medications such as malaria quinine, chloroquine, and salicylates like aspirin although it is believed to cause temporary hearing impairment. Always discuss medication concerns with your doctor to have alternative drugs to protect yourself against drug-related hearing loss. Also, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor in case you experience unusual symptoms with your hearing while taking some drugs.

While hearing loss cannot be reversed per se, it’s crucial to practice precautionary measures to protect yourself from it, regardless of your age or work environment. Luckily, the tips highlighted above can help. Keep them at your fingertips, and they’ll help improve your hearing health.

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