Once you have had your first baby, you really experience the feeling you are holding a miracle in your arms. Your precious little baby is beyond doubt the best blessing God has showered upon you and you feel really fortunate just looking down at your angel’s cherubic face. Now the next question is what to name your baby and if you really feel your little one is a real miracle, why not name her something which means blessing or a miracle from God. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover baby names having the meaning blessing or miracle tops the list in Google.
Baby names meaning blessing

50 Baby Names Meaning Blessing or Miracle

Given below are some lovely names which will make you spoilt for choice as far as naming the baby is concerned. Go ahead and find out what suits your precious darling the best.

  1. Jane: Though you may feel Jane is quite a plain name, this name’s roots go back to the Tudor dynasty. It’s short and sweet and sound simple to pronounce
  2. Behati: This name which is Beatrice’s African version actually means blessing or “she who brings happiness”. It is indeed a lovely name for your little princess
  3. Winifred: This name which has Welsh roots means “blessed peacemaking”. It can be shortened to Winnie at home that sounds sweet and lovely to the ear
  4. Mira: Miracle can always be shortened to Mira which is a lovely name for your little girl. This name is extremely popular in Arab countries as well as in India where it is one of the most traditional names
  5. Miracle: This is beyond doubt so direct and nice. This name which is considered holy was ranked in the top 500 list of popular names in the year 2003. Its now ranks #414 which implies that it still is an all time favorite among hundreds of people.
  6. Karishma: This lovely name that again has the meaning miracle has Indian roots
  7. Aksha: This lilting name is of Hindi origin and also means blessing. It ranks within the first 200 now. It has become extremely popular recently
  8. Nessa: This name means Miracle in Jewish is a beautiful name for your precious daughter. A name which is quite poplar in a lot of plays, literary works and movies
  9. Alazne: This lovely name of Basque origin also has the meaning Miracle. With a multi-cultural back ground, this name has an exotic touch which makes it extremely appealing
  10. Pelia: Of Hebrew origin, this name for your little girl would be ideal and means ” Miracle of God”
  11. Mirielle: This exotic name which is originally French means miraculous and comes with the first 500 most preferred names
  12. Thaddeus: With Greek roots, this beautiful name may be just ideal for your little prince and means “Gift of God” or miracle
  13. Marvella: This is yet another lovely name of French origin having the meaning Miracle
  14. Benedict: This name of Latin may be just perfect for your little boy and means blessed
  15. Boone: Yet one more name of French origin that would be a nice pick for your prince and means blessing
  16. Ayah: This name which has Arabic roots is lovely to pronounce and also means miracle too
  17. Sachi: This is a beautiful Japanese name which means miracle again
  18. Asher: This may be a nice name for your baby boy and means fortunate or blessing
  19. Barack: This Swahili name also has the meaning blessing and may be a good choice for your boy
  20. Inaam: This name of Arabic origin means “blessings from God”
  21. Eijaz: This is yet another Arabic name which again means Miracle
  22. Names with miracle

  23. Harika: If you are looking around for something with a n exotic touch for your boy, you could consider Harika which has the meaning miracle in Turkish
  24. Mirakel: This is the Norwegian meaning of miracle and would be a god pick for your little boy
  25. Mappalo: This unusual name would be a wonderful choice for your baby and means blessings in Chibemba
  26. Mavisha: Another name with the meaning blessing or miracle
  27. Mehr: This beautiful name also means blessing in Arabic
  28. Loreto: This Italian name for your little boy also means “blessing
  29. Adom: This also means miracle or blessing
  30. Genevieve: This name has the meaning “God’s blessing” in French
  31. Dorothea: Yet another name with a Victorian touch
  32. Amari: This name of American origin means “miracle of God”
  33. Gwyneth: A name of Welsh origin which means blessed
  34. Nasya: This is a Hebrew name meaning miracle
  35. Bennet: This is the medieval version of the word blessed
  36. Zelig: Another name for your boy meaning blessed
  37. Daliso: An unusual name for your boy which means “blessing” in Chewa
  38. Jesse: This name of Hebrew origin also means gift or blessing
  39. Baruch: This baby name for a boy means blessed
  40. Bendek: This also has the meaning blessed
  41. Benecia: This unusual name is perfect for your baby girl and means blessed
  42. Bea: This sweet and short name also has the meaning blessed
  43. Benin: This male name also means blessed
  44. Bence: This name may be ideal for your boy and also means blessed
  45. Ashar: A female name which has the meaning blessed
  46. Annie: A name of Israeli origin that means blessed
  47. Berwin: This also means blessing
  48. Darla: Yet another name which you can choose
  49. Evanna: A lovely name for your girl
  50. Imogen: A rare and unusual namely name
  51. Isadora: A beautiful name for your daughter

Do go ahead and choose the perfect name for your angel which suits him or her in every possible way.
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