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6 Products That Make Pregnancy Easier for Your Loved One

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Finding out you’re pregnant can be a beautiful thing. The pregnancy itself is an amazing journey for you and your partner, but it is not a walk in the park. As you watch your loved one go through the motions that come with being pregnant, you are probably wondering what you can do to make it easier for her.
She will need all the support she can get, especially if this is her first pregnancy. It does get easier by the second, or third if you plan to have a big family. However, each pregnancy will still present its challenges.
To make facing those challenges a little easier, here are 6 products you can get to help your partner have an easier and more enjoyable pregnancy.

6 Products That Make Pregnancy Easier for Your Loved One

6 Products That Make Pregnancy Easier for Your Loved One

1) Pregnancy Pillows

These extra-long curved pillows help support her belly, hips, and back. Sleeping with a baby bump will be made much easier for her. With pregnancy pillows, your partner won’t have to toss around much to find a perfect position to be comfortable. You get extra marks for thoughtfulness and empathy if you purchase this for her.
Pro-tip: Try and avoid pillows that use polyurethane foam or have a TB117 label. They are often treated with toxic fire-retardant substances that are best avoided while pregnant.

2) Essential Oils (Peppermint and Lemon)

Most women would give anything to reduce the allergies and morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Enter peppermint or lemon essential oils.
Peppermint helps to alleviate nausea. Lemon and other citrus oils are uplifting. Get these and use a diffuser to create a soothing and fragrant atmosphere around her bed at night. Some women wake up to considerably less morning sickness and reduced allergies.
Pro-tip: Most specialists recommend only using essential oils externally and only during the second and third trimesters. These safety measures reduce any chances of interference with fetal development.

3) Specialized Adjustable Beds

These beds can come in handy if the doctor recommends bed rest for your partner. Now, not to worry—bed rest can be quite routine as it helps increase blood flow to the placenta. When this happens, these specialized beds from Jameson Medical are your go-to equipment.
They are really useful if the bed rest guidelines are strict such as remaining in a reclining position and only getting up to shower or use the restroom.

4) Pregnancy Support Belt

As the pregnancy progresses, the weight on her hips and back will increase. This can cause pain and/or discomfort. Get her a pregnancy support belt also called a maternity belt. It greatly eases the discomfort on her lower back and abdomen. The support belt can be especially helpful during the last two months of her pregnancy.

5) Slip-On Shoes

Yes, she might have a couple of really nice shoes. But who says you can’t get her some new ones that are a perfect fit for the season—and the pregnancy? A beautiful pair or two of new shoes she can easily slide on and go about her daily business would do her some physical and mental good. You don’t want her trying to tie on sneakers, especially during the last trimester.

6) Shea Butter Body Cream

Shea butter is a great way for her to keep her skin hydrated, soft, and supple. While it might not prevent stretch marks, it greatly reduces the chances of them running riot on her skin. So head to your nearest organics cosmetics store and snag one for her right away.

The Bottom Line

No woman’s pregnancy experience is the same as another. The pregnancy war stories your colleagues at work share might be different from what you’ll experience. However, no matter what shows up, these products can go a long way to helping the next nine months a much smoother one for you and your loved one.

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