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8 Pregnancy symptoms before missed period

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Conception occurs when the egg implants itself to the wall of the uterus and this process happens much before the date of the scheduled period. A woman may already be running the first few weeks of pregnancy by the time she misses her period. A pregnant woman’s body starts indicating signs of pregnancy much before the menstrual date. A few such indications or symptoms have been discussed below.
Sore, tender & heavy breasts: – Women start experiencing changes in their breasts right since the offset. Around two to three weeks post conception the breasts might start feeling sore, tingly and very tender. The blood vessels in the breasts start growing and dilating thereby resulting in larger breasts and bigger darker areolas.
Hormonal changes in a woman’s body post conception result in extremely sensitive nipples. For some women, breasts start feeling heavier and fuller while others experience an increase of superficial veins on the boobs or tiny nodules in the area around the nipples.
Pregnancy symptoms before missed period
Nausea: – Morning sickness is the most prominent symptom of pregnancy. Throwing up at any place during any time of the day is a typical symptom. The rapidly increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone slow down the process of emptying of the stomach thereby causing women to puke during this phase. The rising levels of Human Chorionic gonadotrophin hormone also trigger discomfort and nausea. For some woman strange smells could prompt a sense of a metallic feeling inside the mouth thereby making them feel uncomfortable. Almost all women go through weakness and nausea. However the degree of discomfort may vary from one lady to another and one pregnancy to another.

Constipation & Bloating: – Constipation is ano ther side effect a lot of women experience. With rise in the levels of progesterone hormone, the digestive system gets impacted and results in harder bowel movement, bloating and a feeling of tightness. A lot of water should be consumed to overcome this. It is also important to take small portions of food throughout the day to day to overcome these early pregnancy discomforts.
Weariness & fatigue: – Racing high levels of progesterone during early pregnancy make the body crave for more rest and sleep. Pregnant women start feeling drained out and weary. At times headaches may also start bothering. The body realises the requirement of production of more blood to support growth of the foetus. This leads to further exhaustion and fatigue during early pregnancy. The body requires sufficient minerals, vitamins, fluids and iron and hence necessitates changes in diet plans and requirement of additional prenatal medication.
Food aversions and cravings: – During early pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen enhance the smelling capabilities of a women. Certain odours could strongly repulse a woman while the aroma of certain foods may instigate extreme hunger. A pregnant woman may not feel like having the most favourite foods during this span and the most tempting and appealing odours may arouse nausea. However, these aversions may subside after the initial few weeks of pregnancy or may last through the entire duration for different pregnancies.

Implantation bleeding and cramping: – Around two weeks after fertilization, the fertilized egg attached itself to the wall of the uterus. This process is known as Implantation. This is generally accompanied with heavy cramps in the stomach and light bleeding. The colour of the blood generally differs from the usual period.
This vaginal bleeding or spotting is a symptom of conception. This bleeding may last for a few hours and may also last for a few days.
Mood swings: – Mood swings are a very common pregnancy symptom. Overflowing hormones during early pregnancy can make a woman unusually weepy or emotional. Variations in the levels of hormones may impact the brain’s neurotransmitters and can result in enhanced emotions such as sudden anger outbursts. Relaxing, conversing with a friend, resting or engaging oneself in any activity of interest are the best ways to handle mood swings during this phase.
Pregnancy symptoms before missed period
Dizziness: – Feeling faint early during pregnancy is a typical symptom. With falling blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels during early pregnancy, feeling light headed or dizzy is very common.
One has to observe the occurrence of these symptoms carefully. Mere occurrence of any one of these may not be indicative of pregnancy. However, the combined signs are strongly indicative of the coming good news!

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