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Baby Games

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Games are synonymous to the babies. Babies love to play, and playing with the babies also helps the parent, and the child is bonding with each other immensely. It is even a great way to teach the child some valuable lessons as well. In present times, there are a variety of games that can be seen in the market, which are focused on cognitive learning, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. These games solve the dual purpose as kids get to play and even learn and benefit from it as well.
The games are not only confined to babies but can be played by all types of people, could be of any age. Baby games are even played by the to-be -mothers when they are expecting a baby. This is yet another way for the mother to know the baby and prepare herself for the next phase. These games are referred to as baby shower games. Apart from these, there are some gender-specific games that are played by boys and girls, hazel games that help in teaching the kids the basics like dressing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Apart from that, there are baby shower games that are printable as well that come handy while we organize a baby shower. We shall be discussing them in brief now.

  • Baby Shower Games
  • Baby Shower Games Printable
  • Baby Games For Girls
  • Baby Hazel Games

Baby Shower Games- Themes/ Ideas

The arrival of a baby brings a lot of excitement in the life of the parents. It is a reason enough to party, which is celebrated by playing baby shower games. This is exciting for the host as well as the guest. One can decide from several themes related to the color or choices of the mom-to-be. The games could be anything, solving baby-related puzzles, rhymes, knowing your partner as a father/mother, etc. Since everybody is equally excited to meet the new one, this day is celebrated with all the loved ones, one can decide on the type of invites, cake, gifts, décor, visuals, venue, cuisine, thank you notes, memoirs, etc.

Baby Shower Games Printable- An Easy Way To Enjoy!

The baby shower is a time to rejoice and celebrate the coming of the newest member, and in order to play games, we can’t enjoy the same getting online so one can find the printable versions of the baby shower games. These games can be printed and handed over to the guests as a memoir, as well. These printable baby shower games are an easy way to be played, economical, and can even help to make the celebration a grand and jubilant one. These can be presented in different designs and formats on different occasions.

Baby Games For Girls – A Treat To Watch

Though games are played by all, yet there are some preferences of girls over boys. Rarely it is seen that boys show interest in cooking, makeup, jewelry, etc. but these are the common interests of the girls all around. There are many baby games that have been designed, keeping in mind that it can be played by girls. Some of the familiar baby games for girls are as below:

  • Babysitting games
  • Caring games
  • Cleaning games
  • Decoration games
  • Doctor games
  • Getting ready games
  • Fashion games
  • Makeover games
  • Beauty games
  • Princess games
  • Mermaid games

All the above games help in pre-preparing the girls to take a better hold of their lives in the future. It even teaches manners, etiquette, and the basics of a girl’s life. Also though these games have a lot to teach your little one, they are not free from the disadvantages. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of these games are listed as under:

Advantages Of Baby Games For Girls

Baby games have not just entertaining aspects. Baby games for girls also will help to plant the under mentioned qualities in girls.

  • Empowerment
  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Builds on their creativity

Disadvantages Of Baby Games For Girls

Baby games for girls also pose some disadvantages if the girls are allowed to play it without any restriction to playing time. Find out some of the disadvantages of baby games for girls.

  • Physical activity gets reduced
  • Increased screen time
  • Less interaction and socialization with others.

Baby Hazel Games– Insight On The Basics Of Life

Baby Hazel is shown to be an animated baby who loves to do different activities related to kids with the help of fun-filled learning games. She loves to play with her friends, is very caring towards people and animals, and loves being adventurous as well. Baby hazel games also have their benefits and disadvantages, and they are mentioned below:

Advantages of Baby Hazel Games

Most of the baby hazel games are designed to teach the kids the importance of responsibility, hygiene, and presenting themselves well. Find out some of the advantages of playing baby hazel games

  • Sharpens the motor skills
  • Enhances the cognitive ability
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Focuses on the competitive spirit.

Disadvantages Of Baby Hazel Games

Again, baby hazel games have their share of disadvantages as well. Find out some of the disadvantages of baby hazel games.

  • Less interaction with other kids
  • Addiction to Gadgets
  • Less interest in reading and writing
  • No focus on physical activity and fitness.

Most Played Baby Hazel Games:

These are indeed the ideal choice that can be played online, which are enjoyed by kids, and they are an excellent source of learning and entertainment as well. Baby Hazel games also teach the child how to behave in a school, a clinic, sports day, fairyland, restaurant, malls, etc. The baby hazel games are an assortment of games of over 300 types of games dealing with different activities in life. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Baby Hazel Fairyland
  • Baby Hazel Hair Day
  • Baby Hazel Learn Animals
  • Baby Hazel at the doctor
  • Baby Hazel New-born Baby
  • Baby Hazel Cleaning time
  • Baby Hazel Fancy Dress
  • Baby Hazel Beach party
  • Baby Hazel Science Fair
  • Baby Hazel Granny House
  • Baby Hazel Gums Treatment.
  • Baby Hazel Dental Care
  • Baby Hazel Stomach Care
  • Baby Hazel in Preschool

Thus, games, whether played by the mother-to-be, by girls or babies, are a great way to enhance learning and entertain as well. Games are the ideal source to bond as a parent and child or to share one’s happiness with the near and dear ones. It is also an ideal way to increase knowledge and intelligence quotient. Thus, games should always be encouraged and played together since it is a good way to learn, understand, and grow.

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