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Baby Milestones 3 Months

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The birth of a baby is the happiest moment in a parent’s life. To hold your little bundle of joy for the very first time is a precious feeling one wishes to cherish forever. Babies grow a little each day and a mother cannot really figure out the tiny changes. But month on month a baby’s development is quite visible, especially for someone who is with the tot all day long. Since all babies are different each takes their own time in reaching the milestones. Has your baby 3 month old already? Let us study the development milestones of a three month old baby to understand the developmental pattern better.
Baby Milestones 3 Months
3 months old baby activities
By about three months of age, there are plethora of activities that a child starts exhibiting and some of them are listed below:

  • The baby starts to have a personality of their own.
  • Will start extending the reach to new toys
  • Starts smiling in response
  • Turns her head in the direction of the noise
  • Gets strength in her hands
  • Gets amazed when loud noise comes
  • Gets pacified by calm and soft voice
  • Loves being cuddled and wants to be held at all times
  • Starts crying, babbling and groaning
  • Develops strong muscles in the cheeks and the tongue.

3 months baby development
3 months old baby weight in kg
The growth and the development of the baby becomes a major concern for almost all the parents. Even though the baby’s weight after 3 months is dependent on birth weight, yet a parameter has been set which most babies fall in. Close to three months the weight of a baby boy should be around 6.0 kg whereas that of a baby girl is about 5.8 kg. The weight category mentioned above is synchronised with the 50th percentile of the weight bar which is widely used by most of the doctor charts to assess the growth and development of the baby.
The baby’s growth is actually dependent on many factors. It is assessed by undermentioned reasons.

  • If the baby is being breastfed or is on top feed
  • Frequency of feeds
  • Frequency of urination and stool movement
  • The quantity of milk the baby consumes.

3 months baby
3 months old baby food
The baby begins to merge feeds by the end of 3 months of age. The stomach size is significantly bigger than it was in the initial days when she was born. Thus, the baby will take longer breaks between the feeds. One would see the baby taking more feeds often in the day than night. This is mostly the case with the babies who take top feed. The breastfed babies would still persist to take feeds very frequently, and will even have feeds during the night. This is not applicable to all the babies though.
Baby Milestones 3 Months
Some mother fed babies even start leaving the feed frequently at night. Introducing solids at this stage is not recommended by the medical practitioners even if the baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night, as it is believed that the earlier the baby starts solids she is more prone to allergies. If at all your baby  shows the signs of snatching food, licking lips or can keep her head high all by herself, the parents know that the baby is ready to start solids however it is important to consult a doctor before moving ahead in this direction. Only if the doctor permits, the parents should give steam, baked or boiled food, avoid giving cow milk, honey and egg whites and citrus fruits.

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