Baby Monitor Guide- How To Buy the Best Monitor

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A baby can take over our worlds and lives literally! They do not restrict our activities only when they are awake, but when they are asleep too. When your baby is asleep or playing all by itself in a room, do you find yourself checking on them every few minutes? Are you unable to focus on other work though you have a mountain load of work to finish before s/he starts crying for you? Don’t worry, you are not alone. All parents go through this anxiety and some may alter their schedules to stay right next to a sleeping baby. A baby monitor can be such a great investment if you have been nodding along. Wondering how to buy a baby monitor? We have all the information you need, to choose the best one for you and your baby.

Baby Monitor

Which Baby Monitor Should You Buy?

There are a number of smart monitors available in the market today. Follow these tips to choose the perfect one for you:

  1. Look for the signal, range, and clarity at the receiving end.
  2. Opt for one that is compact and portable.
  3. Multiple receiver options can be very useful.
  4. Smart monitors give you more range and flexibility.
  5. Small and compact ones can be easily placed among other things in the baby’s room.
  6. Video monitors should have good camera quality and the night vision to help you see the baby in the dark.

Baby Monitor Options

Some of the different types of monitors for you to choose from are:

  1. Signal Only Monitors: They make a noise or give out a signal when there is a disturbance on the other end.
  2. Audio Monitors: These monitors are capable of transmitting real-time sound from your baby’s room.
  3. Video Monitors: These monitors enable you to get a live video feed of your baby at all times.
  4. Two Way Monitors: These monitors allow you to talk back to your baby like a walkie-talkie.

Audio Vs Video Monitors

Both these monitors have their own set of benefits. While audio might be sufficient for some, the video might be necessary for others.

Audio Baby Monitor

Investing in the Best Audio Monitors is Sufficient if

  • Your baby has crossed the newborn stage and is not at the risk of SIDS or suffocating themselves
  • They can roll over well and have reasonable motor skills that can help them pull things off their face
  • The baby room is very close to yours
  • You are using this monitor only during the day when you work and you co-sleep at night
  • The parents are worried about privacy and hacking issues

Investing in the Best Video Monitor can be a Great Option if

  • You are stepping out of the house and are leaving the baby under someone else’s care
  • If you have a big house and running to check on the baby for every tiny sound is difficult
  • The baby is small and is sleeping in a separate room
  • You prefer to have eyes on your baby at all times

Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitors

These monitors are great for parents who step out of the house and leave the baby under the care of someone else. This can be very useful for big houses too. When you have multiple rooms or floors and are on the move, it is not easy to carry around the receiver. With this type of monitor, you can install the best camera for the baby room and keep an eye on your baby at all times.

Couple Looking At baby on Digital Tablet


With a smart monitor, you can download the App onto your smartphone and keep an eye on your baby from anywhere by periodically checking what’s on the baby camera.


One of the major issues with a Wi-Fi monitor is hacking. While one may think there is hardly anything to gain by hacking it, but we are sadly surrounded by people who think scaring a child is fun.

There have been reports of many cases where the monitors connected to Wi-Fi were hacked and the babies were tormented on a regular basis. Until an adult heard a weird noise or realized something was amiss, the poor babies had to endure the terror of such pranks.

What Makes a Baby Monitor the Best

There are a few parameters to consider before you choose the right baby monitor for you and your baby:

  • Signal: The signal has to be clear and precise when you are going to rely on this tiny device to keep a watch on your baby.
  • Range: A good range will give you the freedom to move around your house without having to worry about checking on the baby every few minutes.
  • Receiver: The receiver has to be light and portable. Battery-operated receivers that can fit into your pocket are perfect! Check if the monitor comes with two receivers; if it’s with one receiver only, check if it can work with two if you buy an additional receiver.

A baby monitor can be a great investment for parents who are on their own and would like to keep an eye on their baby at all times without extra help.

video baby monitor


1. How Much do I Need to Spend on a Baby Monitor?

The cost depends on the features and the brand. There are many pocket-friendly options too.

2. My House is Really Small. Do I Need a Baby Monitor?

If you are busy through the day, or plan to make your baby sleep alone, Baby Monitor can be a great investment.

3. Baby Monitor Strangulation Risk?

Always place the monitor away from the baby’s reach to avoid such risks.

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