Muslim Boy names starting with A

Name Meaning Gender Numerlogy
Aaki Autum, Bright Boy 4
Aakif Attached, Intent Boy 1
Aalam Universe, The whole world Boy 1
Aalee Sublime, Lofty, High, Tall Boy 6
Aali Sublime, Lofty, High, Tall, Excellent, Noble Boy 5
Aalim Knowledge person, Wise, Sch, Olarly, Omniscient, Learned, Religious scholar Boy 9
Aamil Invaluable, Inaccessible, Exalted, Doer Boy 9
Aamir Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous Boy 6
Aaqib Another name of prophet Muhammad, Follower Boy 3
Aaqil Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Sensible Boy 22

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