Hindu Simha rashi girl names

Name Meaning Gender Numerlogy
Maanyata Principles, Assumption Girl 22
Maarisha Worthy, Respectable Girl 7
Maatangi Goddess of Matanga, Goddess Durga Girl 3
Maaya Goddess Lakshmi, Wealth, Unreality, Compassion, Sympathy, An unreal or illusory image, Name of mother of Buddha, Prakriti, Affection, An epithet of Lakshmi, Art, Wisdom, One of the nine shaktis of Vishnu Girl 5
Madanika Girl 9
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers, Springtime Girl 4
Madhavilata A flowering creeper Girl 11
Madhubala Sweet girl Girl 9
Madhubhala Honey spear Girl 8
Madhuchanda Metrical composition Girl 6

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