Baby Sleep : 6 Months to 9 Months

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A 6 months old baby will typically sleep for about 14 hours in a 24 hour span, and most likely will have a sleeping schedule of his own. Generally, baby naps at this age are around 3-4 naps a day, likely scheduled on four phases of the day. Although it is not a matter of concern if your baby likes to sleep more, yet it is important that he has settled into a sleep routine by now. The place and routine need to be consistent and unless really required, we’d advise against varying it. If the habit is not set by now, you might need to be persistent with your approach and settle the baby into having regular and long naps. Sticking to a schedule is not really going by the clock with precision, but it really helps if your baby has a pretty-stable schedule of his own. Sleeping soundly is very essential for the baby as it helps them grow and develop faster.

If your baby is unable to sleep on his own at 6 months or so, you definitely need to put in some effort here. It is suggested to leave your baby in the cot or crib after feeding and cleaning, and let him settle on his own. If he cries, go back to him, comfort him, maybe cuddle, but again leave him back to sleep on his own. Make sure that there is nothing that can cause discomfort to the baby.

A bed time ritual like giving a bath or singing a lullaby in order to make the baby aware that nights are for sleeping also helps in putting the


It is not a bad idea to let the baby sleep on his own at this age

baby to sleep. A baby by himself will not know what night is and what a day is like, so you need to instil these changes in him. Avoid talking or playing with him when he wakes up for a feed during night (he’d still be waking up for at-least one feed in the night), and keep the lights and noise to a minimum level. During the day, keep the room bright and fresh, and do not try curtailing the sounds either.

A baby sleeping for 9-10 hours in the night indicates that he has formed good sleeping habits, however, it is not uncommon for a baby this age to sleep only for 5-6 hours, and even lesser. At this time, your choice can be night weaning.

Your baby could also start waking up at this age, when he was sleeping peacefully till now. The reason, well, is the number of things he is practising these days like crawling, turning, rolling etc, and his excitement may be running well into his bed time and he may want to practice more and more. Also, if you have resumed work and are away from the baby for long durations, the baby may stay awake longer since he likes you to be around.

Developing good sleep schedules and patterns aids in proper development of the babies – sleep releases growth hormones, and lets the baby consolidate memories. Sleep also rejuvenates the baby and conserves the energy to being awake.

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