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BMI Calculator

Worried how much weight will you put on once the baby’s out? Well, this is common, and every woman goes through the tryst of weight gain during pregnancy. Though weight gain is inevitable, for the proper development of your baby, however, pregnancy is not an excuse to go overboard with loading your body with all the unnecessary fat.

You could get an estimated value for the number of kgs you are likely to put on during your pregnancy. Please note that this is just an estimation, basis your body weight and height at the time of conception.

Eat right, eat healthy, and do give in to cravings – after all lady, you are Pregnant.

Pregnancy Weight Tracker

Height ft in
Weight lb
Height cm
Weight kg
TypeBMI Weight Again(Appx)
Underweight<18.513-18 kg
Normal18.5-2411-16 kg
Overweight25-297-11 kg

**Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Reexamining the Guidelines, The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, May 28, 2009

**This is only an estimation of total weight gain by the time pregnancy is over. This may vary from person to person. Do consult your doctor for information