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Tummy Ache In Babies – 5 Common Causes And Remedies

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Motherhood not only brings along lot of joy and happiness but at the same time it is filled with sleepless nights and tensions. As a mother you start getting worried when your little one develops a stuffy nose, is restless and in pain and when he begins continuously crying without any prominent reason. One of the most common reason for discomfort in babies is stomach pain. So the next time if your little darling begins crying continuously and even rejects breast milk or feed during this period, you could consider stomach ache as the culprit. Tummy aches make the little baby extremely cranky and restless which can be a difficult situation for you to handle. You may feel helpless and frustrated and may not know what to do in such circumstances. Don’t worry, here we bring to you 5 common causes of tummy ache in babies and ways to cure them.
tummy ache in babies

Causes And Remedies For Stomach Ache In Babies

Tummy ache in babies can be a result of a number of factors and as a first time mom it is natural for you to panic when you see your baby crying in pain and restless and you are unaware of the cause of your little darling’s tummy ache. Stomach pain in infants can be triggered by a lot of factors. Given below are five main triggers of tummy ache in babies:

  1. Gas: One of the most common triggers of tummy ache in little babies is flatulence or gas. This occurs more commonly in babies below three months of age. It occurs mostly due to the fact that their intestines are not yet completely matured.
    Remedy: If you are solely breastfeeding your little one, it would be a good move to reduce the quantity of spicy and oily food in your diet. On the other hand, if your little one has started on solids, try avoiding foods that lead to gas formation in your baby
  2. Colic: Colic is yet another most common cause for stomach ache in little babies. This causes severe irritability and uneasiness apart from pain in your little one. One of the most common sign of colic is crying uncontrollably for prolonged periods. Colic is usually seen in babies less than five months of age.
    Remedy: Unluckily, there is no cure for this problem. Some babies find relief if pressure is applied on their tummy. So you can gently massage your baby’s tummy to provide him some relief. Your touch will have a soothing effect on your baby. Also it is seen that the babies tend to show improvement as they get older and once they are around 6 months old, the symptoms of colic start to reduce or go down completely
  3. Stomach Flu: Another culprit of tummy ache in babies is the stomach flu. Suppose your little one is having pain in his tummy which is accompanied with diarrhea or vomiting, there is every possibility that your baby is suffering from stomach flu. This is a situation that requires immediate attention as stomach flu or gastroenteritis can also lead to dehydration in babies that can become very serious if left unattended.
    Cure: You need to ensure that the little one is fed with enough fluids so that he is able to overcome the bout of stomach flu without any complications
  4. Reflux: A lot of new born babies often vomit immediately after they are fed. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence, it is imperative that you show your little one to his pediatrician as it can turn out to be a condition commonly known as gastro esophageal reflux. This is a case where the sphincter located between baby’s esophagus and tummy is not functioning properly.
    Treatment: There are various cures and treatments recommended by doctors to battle this issue in small babies. Your little one will be monitored closely for gastro esophageal reflux disease and will be advised treatment accordingly
  5. Constipation Issues: Another very common problem that causes tummy ache in babies is constipation. This normally can be seen in little babies who have recently been introduced to solids. Suppose the bowel movements in your little one is very infrequent, then there is every chance that your little one is constipated and this can trigger severe tummy ache and make your baby very uneasy. If the little one is passing very hard and dry stools, then he is definitely constipated.
    Remedy: The best way to deal with constipation in babies is by including foods that are rich in fiber. Some of these foods are prunes, peas, pears, apricots and oatmeal. Make sure to give your baby enough fluids in order to prevent constipation

tummy ache

Other Possible Triggers

Although the above mentioned causes are the most common triggers for stomach ache in babies, there are some other problems that can also cause stomach pain. Even just a common flu or cold can cause stomach pain in your baby. Other culprits that can trigger severe pain include:

Treatment: Cure depends on what exactly is causing the issue and normally antibiotics are advised if the baby is having any kind of bacterial infection. There are other medicines that also may be prescribed to set the problem right. So the best move would be to visit your pediatrician who will look at the symptoms and identify the cause of pain and provide the right treatment to help you baby get relief from tummy ache

How To Identify Stomach Ache In Babies?

Little babies cannot communicate easily if there is something wrong with them or if they are in any kind of discomfort. Parents need to pay attention to their behavior or response in order to identify their inconvenience. If your baby seems to be unusually fussy then you can suspect tummy ache as the culprit. Look out for signs such as discomfort, fussiness immediately after a feed or continuous crying. All this will help you to identify that your baby is most probably suffering from tummy ache.
It is advisable to show your baby to his pediatrician if the tummy pain doesn’t subside even after 5-6 hours.
Did your baby suffer from tummy ache? What measures did you take to provide him comfort? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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