Child Height Predictor

Predicting Your Child's Height

Can’t wait to see how tall you child’s gonna be? Just imagine, the little angel you see trotting around the house the entire day will be as big as you in some years!  Well, though child height predictor is a simple calculation based on numbers, what we should not forget is that this is just and ESTIMATION. The growth of a child depends on genetics, sex, health and nutrition, absence of diseases and hereditary factors. Scientifically, it has been proved that 70% of the factors that determine the child’s height are influenced by genetic, while 30% depend on nutrition, health, exercise and outdoor activities.

A number of us would remember standing against the wall while our parents made the marks every few months. Fun, wasn’t it? Prediction has always been fun, and in earlier times the children’s height was predicted to be twice the height at age 2. This was fairly inaccurate for girls. Generally, a healthy child should grow at about 2 inches from age to till the age of puberty. Also, a child’s height will be in the range of parent’s height, under normal conditions. Assuming that the child is free from any chronic ailments, and is otherwise growing normally, the below calculator can be used to predict (this is just a guess) your child’s height at about age 18.


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Copyright © 2014-2018 Mykids Ventures Private Limited