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Choking happens when something becomes stuck in a person’s airway, making them unable to breathe. If the airway is partly blocked, the body tries to clear the airway by coughing. And if the airway is completely blocked, it can cause serious choking risk for children. Coins are the most common cause of choking in young children. Choking risk can be caused by food items, a small peg, a glittery coin, a button battery, small pieces of toys or screws, etc. To prevent any potential health threats, it is best to keep such things out of their sight and at places which they do not explore.


Common Questions

  • Q. Why are children at high risk for choking?

    A. Reasons why children are at high risk for choking are :

      a) Children especially infants have a natural tendency to mouth everything.
      b) Children cannot coordinate their breathing and swallowing especially when they are playing, jumping and also feeding at the same time.

  • Q. How can we avoid choking in children?

    A. We can avoid choking in children in the following ways:

      a) Feeding a child has to be done sitting upright on a static chair without running, playing, jumping.
      b) Mashed and grated food till 3 years of age.
      c) Avoid toys with detachable parts.

  • Q. What should we do when a child has choked on something?

    A. When a child has chocked on something, stay with the child, call for help and monitor child's breathing. Shift to hospital immediately.

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