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Drowning is one of the major  and 3rd leading causes of unintentional injury death for children around the age of 1 to 14. Toddlers of age 1 to 4 are the common cases of drowning in swimming pools, while children of age five and above are common cases of drowning in rivers and lakes. Even in the shallow end or in a baby pool young children can drown silently in a less than 25 seconds. They cannot even scream or splash while drowning and so get unnoticed. So younger children should be always kept within arm reach of an adult when they are in or near the water


Common Questions

  • Q. Children love water but its also a growing risk. What can we do to prevent it?

    A. The different ways in which we can prevent it are:

      a) All pools in public places and apartments should be fenced without free access to children.
      b) Swimming classes only after 4 years of age. Teaching how to swim however does not prevent drowning.
      c) One adult to one child supervision when child is in water or around water bodies.
      d) Watch out for open drains, sumps & septic tanks in children play areas.

  • Q. Bucket drownings in our bathrooms one of the commonest cause of drownings. How do we prevent it?

    A. The different ways in which we can prevent it are:

      a) Children less than 8 years should not have free access to bathroom. It should be latched.
      b) All required item for a childs bath should be kept ready and taken. Bathing should finish uninterrupted.
      c) All store vessels of water should be covered.

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