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Falling and slipping is a normal part of child development years. But Falling is also the most common cause of injury for children of all ages. The height from where the child falls, the surface on which the child falls onto, or what the child may hit as they fall are some of the factors based on which seriousness of the injury depends on. The potential for a dangerous fall can happen in nearly every area of your home. To minimize fall injuries, parents are advised to provide a safe environment in their home.

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Common Questions

  • Q. Why are young children more prone to falls?

    A. Young children especially less than 3-4 years of age have a large head making them top heavy and more toppelable. So while leaning forward from height , they have the maximum risk of toppling and falling. The head will hit the ground first. Any fall from height in a child – serious head injury is a given.

  • Q. Why do children keep tripping and falling while playing?

    A. Children have a very narrow peripheral vision. They have a very poor judgement of space, speed and surface balance. They don’t know when to stop. So its very common to see children between 1-4 years falling while running and keep bumping into things and into each other.

  • Q. How do we prevent falls in children?

    A. We need to keep all furniture away from balcony, tables and platforms. All door and window grills need to be vertical. And we need to keep all table drawers and kitchen drawers closed to minimise the avenues for children to seek climbing as an activity.

  • Q. Why do children get more internal injuries after a fall?

    A. The bony cage called ribs covering the chest and the pelvic bones are not well developed in children exposing the solid organs inside the abdomen and the urogenital tract. Impact blunt injuries which can therefore be very serious.

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