Dancing is the essence of a joyous life. From children to youngsters to old people, dancing suits everyone. Whether it is a kid’s birthday party, wedding, festival, event, etc., dancing can fit in everywhere. Dancing helps your kids to take part in physical activity and entertain themselves. This physical activity not only makes you more energetic but also refreshes your body. It rejuvenates you and adds years to life. Talking of energy, kids are the most energetic soul on this planet. And dancing can surely be their cup of tea. So, let’s hop on to know a few of the dance games.

What Are Dance Games?

Dance games are games that are based on dance moves and music.  While the music will maintain the liveliness of the game, the rules of the games will keep them active. What comes out will be fun and unforgettable moments that you can cherish. A dance game is a great way to improve interaction skills.

Top 5 Benefits To Play Different Dance Games

Before introducing you the most popular dance games, here’s a quick view of the benefits of playing different dance games:

  • It is the best physical activity to keep your kids energized.
  • It enhances creativity through gaming.
  • This physical activity keeps the health of your kids in check while dancing. The airflow in lugs increases while dancing. This, in turn, increases the lung capacity and ensures proper oxygen flow to all organs.
  • It helps maintain flexibility, agility, body postures, concentration, and coordination.
  • Dancing helps your kids to socialize with other kids. It removes the shyness barrier and helps them to mix with others easily.

Top  Fun Dance Games For Kids

  1. Pool Ball Dance

A pool party in summer vacation is the best idea to escape the heat. And if there is a kids’ pool party, then pool dance is a must inclusion. All you require is a ball that is easy to throw and catch for kids. Make the children stand at random places, put on the music and fun songs, and start the game by throwing the ball at one child who dances to the song played. After changing the song, the child throws the ball randomly to another kid who repeats the same. It is just a dance game and has no winner.

  1. Balloon Dance

It is the best-suited dance game when you have a birthday party full of balloons. It is not as simple as the name sounds because it involves hand and leg coordination. Begin by giving each kid a balloon of the color of their choice. Start the music, and then the kids start dancing while juggling the balloons. Remember to notify them that the balloon should not fall. The one who dances for the longest time without letting the balloon fall is declared as the winner. You can increase the difficulty level by instructing them not to use palms or any other creative idea.

  1. Animal Dance

Animal dance involves using chits. It enhances imagination and knowledge. It includes using animal voices and movements which are observed by children very closely. Begin by writing names of different animals on chits. Call out a kid and ask him/her to take out a chit and dance like the animal whose name appears on the chit. Let the young ones be as creative and innovative as they come up with the new dancing moves. So, include a variety of animals’ names.

  1. Paintbrush Dance

Surprisingly, you don’t need a paintbrush for this dance game. It is a game to improve kids’ cognitive and imaginary skills. They have to imagine a particular part of their body as a paintbrush and paint the surroundings with it. Write body parts name in different chits and let the kids take one chit each to dance their way on.

  1. Remote Dance

It is more of a video game dance by which you can control your child, at least in a game. It is a game for quick thinking and spontaneity enhancement. Use ‘rewind,’ ‘pause,’ ‘play,’ ‘fast forward,’ ‘slow motion’ etc. just like a remote display and put on fun music. Kids dance to the term as called out and make their creative moves. For instance, if you call out ‘fast forward,’ then the child has to dance on a fast and quick speed. The remote game will certainly be the attraction seeker of the party.

  1. Emoji Dance

Children love emojis, so this makes an excellent dance game for them. All you need are a few large emoji flashcards with expressions like a surprise, angry, laughing, winking, sad, happy, etc. and a music player. Now some grownup should pick an emoji flashcard. The children should dance to the theme of that emoji. Play a piece of music or song that suits that emoji. Well danced, one goes to the next round.

Wrapping up
Now you know a few of the dance games which can surely be an attraction for any kind of party celebration, especially for kids. There are also Wii dance games, PS4 dance games, which you can include in your parties as well. The little ones are always high on energy and are open to new and creative things. Dancing is a good option to utilize that energy and help improve gross motor skills. All you need is a speaker and a dance floor (which can be turned anywhere), and you’re good to go!

Encourage your child to be open to innovation and learning to enhance their different skills. Also, you, too, can enjoy and have a light moment with them together.
So, dance like no one’s watching!