Treatments – When and How?

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infertility problem

If you are running in 30’s and are unable to conceive after actively  trying for a baby with well timed sex, and a balanced healthy lifestyle,  you must consult a gynaecologist. You could be diagnosed with a medical condition that might be affecting your fertility. There are a number of treatments available for infertility these days. But before you plan to go for a treatment, you both should be very clear on a few things. First and foremost, understand that such treatments demand a lot of patience as a couple from both of you. Secondly, these treatments are very expensive and time consuming. You may get immediate result or may have to wait for a days, months or years. You could have a choice between opting for a medicine based treatment or surgery. There could be a lot running through your mind, but do not jump to conclusions in haste and hurry. Take some time to think and arrive on a decision based on mutual understanding and love.

The kind of treatment that a doctor may prescribe will also vary depending upon the age and medical condition of a particular woman. The common treatments for infertility are Fertility drugs, Donor eggs, Donor sperm, Surrogacy, Artificial insemination. In general the first treatment for infertility is fertility drugs which has  its own advantages and side effects. The success rate is 40-45%. Another preferred way is artificial insemination in which the sperms are directly inserted into the uterus through a thin catheter. This is very simple procedure which can be performed at a doctor’s clinic. The success rate is quite good. One of the most common methods which is becoming popular these days especially in high profile people and among those women who cannot carry a baby due to some disease, is Surrogacy. Surrogate mothers carry a baby in their womb for the other woman. Using father’s sperm these women are made to conceive by artificial insemination, IVF or donor eggs.

Before advising any treatment, the doctors usually check for where the problem exists. The infertility can be in men or women. There are separate tests for male and female infertility checks. Sometimes it can be diagnosed through just discussion and knowing about couple’s history. For men, semen is checked for the number, shape and movement of their sperms. For a lady it is checked if she is ovulating each month or not and then rest of the treatments are started. The whole procedure of infertility treatment may take long time. It involves high stress, physical discomfort, and emotional instability too. These should also be handled carefully and calmly. Do not face all this alone. Yu may share it with any of your close friends or family members. Try to accept the fact that there is a problem which needs treatment and everything is going to be okay. Also, you are not the one who is unable to conceive as soon as you wish for it, there are many couples sailing in the same boat as you. Try to be in touch with them and talk to them. You may feel relaxed.

As a couple, you need to talk. Communicate your fears and apprehensions to each other. Medical science is too advanced these days, so all in all, there is no condition that medicine cannot really handle. Do not blame your marriage or fall prey to to superstitions. Enjoy your sex life, be open and respect each other’s feelings. Follow basic guidelines for pregnancy and stay away from stress. For rest of the things, you have your doctor to rely upon.

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