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How to encourage children to wash their hands


Being a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic is incredibly difficult. That’s not exactly a secret: everything from school to social engagements to birthdays has been fundamentally changed in 2020. This year it’s all about keeping our kids safe while at the same time allowing them to have as close to a normal childhood as possible. Other than completely locking down at home, there are few options for keeping them virus-free. Masks are playing a critical role in safety for everyone, adults and children alike. That’s why they’re mandatory at most schools and daycare centers, not to mention on playgrounds and other public areas where large numbers of people gather.

Hand Wash

The other surefire way to keep kids safe is making sure that they wash their hands whenever they enter our homes, and if they frequently use hand sanitizer in public spaces. This all makes sense on paper, but we all know that kids have minds of their own. It is one thing to tell a child that he or she needs to wash their hands, but that doesn’t always mean that they listen. This sort of limit testing is part of a normal childhood, but in 2020, it can have significant health consequences. The bottom line is that frequent handwashing is not an option. It is mandatory.


This is where incentives for kids to wash hands can play a huge role in keeping them safe and healthy. Standard rewards (like candy or extra videos) may work on occasion, but they’re not really sustainable day after day for an entire year. And if there’s one thing that every parent knows, yelling at your kids to wash their hands is not a good long-term strategy. But what if parents could turn handwashing into a game that has prizes that kids want so much that they literally run to the bathroom or kitchen to lather up? In fact, this already exists.


Welcome to the world of handwashing stickers. Think of them as merit badges for kids who take the initiative and wash their own hands at various times of the day. As we all know, most kids love stickers, and they are an inexpensive prize for parents to give out in volume. There are a million stickers (actually, probably tens of millions) for sale, but most of them aren’t about handwashing. Thanks to StickerYou, which makes custom stickers for every conceivable use, parents can order designs that they know will resonate with their kids. If your daughter likes dinosaurs or your son likes cats, you can simply order stickers with those designs on them that include language that reinforces the importance of keeping one’s hands disinfected at all times.


StickerYou allows parents to order stickers that have already been created, or to upload their own designs. And unlike most companies that require a huge minimum order, people have the option of ordering single sheets instead. This allows parents to keep their kids interested by ordering a wide variety of stickers while also minimizing the financial impact.


There’s no single way to keep kids safe during a pandemic. But handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And thanks to stickers, it’s easier than ever for parents to reward their kids for doing it.

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