Playing family board games is the best way to enjoy with the family. It creates a strong family bond besides fun. It is time to stop exploring the game of thrones family tree and start playing some exciting board games. In this article, we shall talk about the best family board games that will make your family time more enjoyable.

Best Family Board Games To Play With Family

1.     Betrayal At House On The Hill

Having a night out with friends or family? Well, then this family board game is perfect for the night. Many popular websites call it spooky, scary or horror, but this is the best way, the game can be described as. No doubt this game is the best choice for Halloween too and will create hilarious family feud scenes.

How To Play?

The first step in the game is to explore your houses until the haunting begins. Then you have to assure side’s victory first as a villain or a hero. Starting from the first player and proceeding clockwise or anti-clockwise, each player will start exploring their house. You are allowed to do as many as following actions on your turn:

  • Discover new room
  • Move
  • Rolling your die
  • Use omen cards
  • Attack(only after haunt starts)

2.     Codenames

Partying with family? Then you should give a shout at least once to codenames. It is a perfect family board game at a party. It is easy to play, and you can enjoy it with friends and family.

How to Play?

You need a minimum of four players for the game so that players can be divided into teams. Each team has one spymaster and both the spymaster sit together on the same side of the table.

Each game has one key which reveals the secret identities of the cards. Spymaster chooses the key and slides it into the stand. Blue grid squares indicate the words blue team has to guess and red grid squares indicate the words red team has to guess.

The starting team has nine words to guess, leaving eight words to guess for another team. The game ends when one team guess all their words and wins. The game can end before this if field operative makes any contact with the assassin.

3.     Blokus Strategy Game

This game is simple, innovative, and involves enough mental works. This makes the game quite interesting enough for both adults and kids. It is also called one of the best family guy games.

Blokus is a simple strategy game for 2-4 players. When you play a tile, you should place it in such a manner that it touches a corner of your previous tile. You have to lay down as many tiles you can.

How to Play?

The first tile of each colour must be placed at the corner of the board. Every player after the first play must touch the corner of tiles with the same colours. The game continues until any player can make no further plays. The player with the smallest number of tiles remaining wins the game.

4.     Monopoly Junior Board Game

Want to spend time with your family and play games? Have less time for games? Well, monopoly junior game is here for you. This game teaches money management skills, although this game is for kids of 2 to 4 children. But you can play it with your kiddo and wrap it up in a very short time.

How to Play?

Roll the die and buy every property you land on, collect money and chance cards. As soon as one player runs out of money, the other players count their money. The game ends with the player who has the most money.

5.     Spot It!

Less expensive, appreciated by thousands of reviewers and perfect for all ages, “spot it!” is considered a perfect board game among different family board games.

The game consists of 55 cards and eight symbols per card.

How to Play?

Each card has something identical between them. You have to be the fastest one to identify the identical common symbol between two cards, name it loud and place it or discard it.

The player who wins the most mini-games is the final winner of the game.

6.     Clue Game

Clue or Cluedo is perfect family board game where you have to solve murder cases.

The game starts with Mr Boddy’s murder, and Miss Scarlett starts the game, and the turns start in a clockwise manner.

How to Play?

The player simply has to answer questions like

~ Who killed the victim?


~ What weapon the murder used?

To start your turn, move your token by rolling the die or use a secret passage. After rolling the dies, you pass numerous secret passages, your opponent may block your way, and you have to wait until and unless someone unblock it for you.

The game ends by accusation.

If your accusation turns right, you can place the three cards on the board to prove it. You can only accuse once in the whole game. If it turns wrong, then you lost, and you have to leave the board.

7.     Sorry!

It is a family game which can be played by 2 to 4 players of age six and above. It is easy to play and is considered the best family games among different family board games. The objective of the game is easy; you just have to get your pawns from start to home before your opponent.

How to Play?

To move your pawn from the start you must score 1 or 2. While moving your pawn on the board according to the instructions on the card if you jump over a square which is already occupied by a pawn, then that pawn is sent back to its start point.

The player who gets all his pawn reach home before his opponent is the winner of the game.

Some Last Words

You can play these best family games to get the perfect experience of spending time with the family. Not only this, you will experience the ultimate fun in no time. It is important to spend quality times together for maintaining that strong bond between the family members.  It is relevant in these days where every member is living in their world.