In today’s digital world, it is challenging to spend time with your family and loved ones. It is necessary to spend time with them. This helps you to know each other and strengthen your relationship bond. Family feud games are one of the best methods to get together and spend some quality time with your family members and loved ones. Especially the family feud games which are invented by individuals of the family are generally more interactive and are more fun to play with each other.

What Is Family Feud Game?

“Feud” is an American television game show debuted in 1976. It is counted as one of the excellent family game shows where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions correctly. The winning family gets cash and prizes.

You can replicate the excitement of the TV show in your own home as well. Family feud is a perfect game for family gatherings. All family members can easily play this game. As it allows all the family members irrespective of age group can have fun to find out how to organize feud family games at home.

How To Make Your Own Family Feud Game At Home?

It is not hard to recreate your own family feud games for parties, home, or office gatherings. All you need is

  • Do some research on survey questions
  • A buzzer
  • A poster board
  • Scorecard
  • A list of questions

Things To Know About Playing The Game:

Some prerequisites are required to play family feud games with your loved ones. Follow the below mentioned easy steps to gather all the material and start enjoying your time with your kids and family members. The excitement of the game is based on the questions you ask. Choose the questions based on the participants in the games.

1. Survey Data

Self-made Family feud games are the best family games. The most basic and foremost step in organizing a family feud game is acquiring survey data. It is better to print out the questions along with the answers on paper. It might be from one’s survey. It is more effective and productive if a large group takes part in the survey. The questions asked must have multiple choices and also be basic questions. The question should evoke a considerable number of similar answers. Favorite colors or their breakfast can be questioned.

Questions with a lot of variations or variable answers kike favorite movies can be avoided. In case the group is not large enough, or responses are not so similar, then there is not much efficiency in collecting data. Online surveys can be preferred. One must look upon commonly asked survey questions and their answers.

2. Answer Sheet

A master answer sheet is created. It lists the top 5 highly chosen or preferred answers for every question in the game. You can include the survey score also in the bracket. This will make the game more authentic.

3. Answer Board

The most preferred top 5 responses for every question is written on a board that is followed by the number of answers each one obtained. Written answers are concealed with strips of paper or poster board. Multiple rounds are fit onto the chalkboard. This speeds up the game.

4. Strike Markers

Each team is offered a maximum of three strikes. Thus, six strike markers will be in need. Strike markers could be in the form one wishes – as simple as strips of paper or more elegant solutions like bean bags. Brainstorm some other unique ideas and add that idea to the game to make it more entertaining and fun to play with others.

5. Timer And Buzzer

A timer is one of the apparatuses required for the wave of the game. Thus, purchase one, or even a handmade one would be fine. The next item needed is a buzzer. A buzzer would be required for each team. The buzzer aids the host to find which team member is ready to answer. There are ample alternatives for a buzzer, and the cheapest solution can be a few beans in a small container (plastic would be fine).

6. Team Selection

Be it any game –family feud games or family guy games, playing them in teams are always fun-filled! Conventionally, Family Feud is a game played with 5 participants per team. One person acts as a host and thus can’t be favorable for any team. The host is the one who checks that the game is in the track of timings and shows answer written on board.

7. Playing The Game:

The host asks the first question. Each member from two teams gives their answer to what they think as the most popular. The member choosing the most popular answer decides if their team or opponent will take control of the board. The team is decided, and the round starts. The participants of the controlling team each take turns in guessing the response. The players shouldn’t discuss it. The host says the right answer and stating the number of responses it got. When an answer not on board is said, the team gets a strike. Even after three strikes, if the board hasn’t been stripped off, the opponent team can answer correctly and get points. Points are given based on responses an answer received. For a response selected by five people, five points are given. The number of rounds is determined first. At the end of the determined number of rounds, the team with the highest total wins the game. It would be as challenging and exciting as a family board game.

Wrapping up

Now, as we know, it is very easy to invest these family feud games, brainstorm some ideas, and come up with a unique concept. If no idea comes in your mind, you can even rely on asking questions about the Game of Thrones Family Tree. After all, who doesn’t like that! So, quickly collect all the material required for the game and gather around with your family members and loved ones. Play this game to spend some quality time with them.