Hair Fall After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy changes a lot of things in you – understandably, the stress is high as you have stretch marks, pregnancy fat, and all the duress of the last nine months. Besides, there is not a moment’s rest for a new mom. To complicate matters further, many women, especially mothers with long hair suddenly notice a rise in hair fall volume, sometimes even in clumps.

Put your worried heart at rest because being a mom brings an unforeseen glow to your complexion. The pride of going through the toughest responsibility on earth shows up as a natural glow when you have a loving home. When you do not, it shows up as a fierce devotion to the well-being of your tiny one. Nevertheless, postpartum hairfall can be a practical issue. Doctors assure it is temporary and ceases to be serious in a few months.

Causes causing hair fall and treatment

  1. Stress: Yes, motherhood is stressful in all practical sense. You virtually do not get a moment’s rest after holding your baby for the first time. You have to spend sleepless nights literally and accept to be puked and peed on by a tiny being. However, balancing the duress, the blissfulness of being a mother is something extraordinary. Somewhere inside, you feel like a goddess actually, giving birth to life! Do not let the stress take over the bliss. The situation complicates further when you do not have the support of a loving husband. A judgmental mother-in-law and other in-laws do more harm than good. You need to fight all these as challenges. Give your best to surround the baby with your loving care. Fight criticism with tough words, and tell your husband to straighten things up. Remind him that you are by default greater than him as a parent with the rights of bearing the baby for nine months. You always have good friends for support. Rely on them and on your own fierce confidence to beat the stress.

            In addition, get as much rest as you can.

  1. The fluctuation of oestrogen levels: All hairs go through a growing phase, and a resting phase before falling. It is a natural process, and there is nothing to worry because new hairs always replace the fallen strands. During pregnancy, you suddenly become more motherly than you ever have been with thick hair. This happens because the increased oestrogen levels prolong the growing period. However, after childbirth, the hormone balance suddenly takes a drop and you begin to lose hair in clumps. This is most common in women with long hair. You need to let your body-clock adjust to normalcy, and the issue remediates in a few months.

Still, you need to consider using good shampoos and conditioners. Homeopathic medicines are gentle to the body and can be helpful. Many new mommas go for a short haircut. Remember to be careful with long hairs around the baby to avoid pain from hair entanglement.

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