Height Weight Charts for Children

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As a new parent, you must’ve observed that each time you take your baby to the pediatrician, they are weighed and their length (height) is carefully measured and diligently recorded. Height Weight Charts for Children helps to check if the baby is in right pace of growth. The measurements are also plotted on your baby’s infant growth chart. These readings serve as a reference point for your pediatrician to understand your baby’s individual growth and their growth against the national (sometimes international) average.
Your doctor makes a note of your baby’s weight and height in metric and standard units. The reference point is plotted in terms of percentiles. It is important to remember that children falling under either ends of the spectrum are as healthy as those in the middle of the spectrum.

Height chart for children
Weight chart for children

Height Charts for Children:

Let us understand the height charts that enable your doctor to track your baby’s growth and progress.

Height in first year:

There are factors such as genetics, environmental conditions and some miscellaneous factors that determine your baby’s height. The World Health Organization has recorded the average height of children in the age group of 0-2 years. Since all children are different and grow as per their individual health disposition, the following numbers help you understand where your baby stands in the global health index. By your baby’s first birthday, they will measure between 71 and 81 cm in length. A twelve-month old boy will measure 71.3-80.2 cm in length, while a twelve-month old girl will measure 69.2-78.9 cm in length.

Height in second year:

Between the ages of 12 months and 24 months, your child undergoes amazing brain development. This leads them to leave you awestruck with activities such as walking, talking and remembering things. This cognitive growth is accompanied by a growth in their height between the range of 3 inches and 5 inches, that is, 7.6 cm and 12.7 cm. At two years of age, boys should measure between 82.1 and 93.6 cm, while girls should measure between 80.3 and 92.5 cm in height / length.

Height in third year:

By the age of three years, our child will have made tremendous progress in all quarters – physical, emotional, social and cognitive. They would have reached a stage where every action and word of your is questioned, and you are quizzed about every little thing you do and say. This phase is accompanied by a great deal of physical growth. Typically, a male child measures 89.1 to 103.1 cm in length as he approaches his third birthday. Correspondingly, a girl measures 87.9 to 102.2 cm as she reaches her third birthday.

Weight Charts for Children:

Just like height, your baby’s weight also indicated a lot about their health and well-being.

Weight in first year:

The World Health Organization states that in your baby’s first year, from months one to three, your baby must gain about 30 grams per day amounting to approximately 900 grams per month. From ages four months to 12 months your baby must gain about 20 grams per day. This is  a weight gain of approximately 600 grams per month. By the time your child reaches their first birthday they will have tripled their birth weight. Typically, a twelve-month-old boy weighs 7.8 -11.8 kg and a twelve-month old girl weighs 7.1-11.3 kg.

Weight in second year:

In your baby’s second year, they gain roughly between 3 – 6 lb, that is 1.4 to 2.3 kg of weight. As your baby approaches their second birthday, on an average boy weighs in the range of 9.8 and 15.1 kg, while and average girl weighs in the range of 9.2 and 14.6 kg.

Weight in third year:

At the age of two years and beyond, your child will be measured standing up as against the previous approach of lying on the back. When they stand, their spine will be compressed a little. As a result,you will observe a slight negative change in their length as compared to the reading taken while they were lying down. On an average, boys weigh 11.4 to 18 kg toward the end of the 35th month, while girls weigh 11-17.8 kg as they approach 36 months of age.
Growth charts give help you understand how your child is growing over time! They are indications that all is well!

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