We all hear a lot about healthy eating habits and the super healthy foods that are important for a pregnant woman’s health. With all of the promotion of different and the so-called healthy foods by various companies, there are still some magical foods that people are yet to be aware of. Kale is one such food that has some miraculous benefits for pregnant woman. So, read on to know about all the healthy benefits of kale and ways to include this super food in your pregnancy diet.
Kale during pregnancy

What Is Kale?

Kale is the king among all the other green leafy vegetables that we consume on a regular basis. It belongs to the cabbage family known as Brassica Oleracea. Kale contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, vitamin and minerals. This dark leafy vegetable which is most commonly found in Europe has all the nutrients that you need in a healthy pregnancy diet. The nutritional benefits of kale helps in healthy development of the unborn baby.

Types Of Kale

Kale is known as the super food for pregnant women. Before we talk more about its benefits, let us have a look at different types of kale:

  • Curly Kale: It has crinkly or curly leaves and this is the most commonly available kale. It is of bright purple or dark green colour. Curly kale has a pungent taste. This type of kale is great for stir fries, soups and smoothies and often baked as chips
  • Red Russian Kale: This delicious red Russian kale looks so pretty that one can plant among the flowers. It has flat leaves with a tinge of red-purple colour. This kale is one of the sweetest in taste
  • Redbor Kale: It is dark purple in colour, redbor kale is best when it comes to garnishing the dishes
  • Lacinato Kale: This is also known as tuscan kale or black kale. Its leaves are bumpy and have rough texture. It is sweeter in taste and is best used in salads and sautéed dishes
Ways To Include Kale In Your Pregnancy Diet

If you cook kale, it emits a sulphur like odour which a lot of pregnant women may not be able to stand. But if you can tolerate this non appealing smell of kale, then including this vegetable in your everyday pregnancy diet will provide you and your baby with required energy.
You can include kale in your diet in different ways. It can be cooked, semi boiled and included in salads or added to your morning juice to keep you energized and refreshed through the day! This vegetable is one of the must have in your pregnancy diet. Kale comes in bunches like any green leafy vegetable and usually available during winters.

Where You Buy Your Kale Matters!

Kale is one of those crops which are heavily sprayed with pesticides so in order to derive the maximum health benefits of kale, it is very important from where you buy it. So whenever you shop for kale, make sure you buy organic kale only. Also wash your kale thoroughly before including it in any of your recipes.
kale salad

Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Kale During Pregnancy
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin-A: Most of the people are worried about their vitamin-A intake and some of them even end up popping pills to provide their bodies with the correct amount of it but it is always suggested as a good option to look for natural ways to have Vitamins in your diet. A single cup of kale contains your daily dose of Vitamin-A which is necessary to keep your eyes and teeth in a healthy condition.
    For pregnant women, kale also plays a great role in building a strong immune system of both the mother and the baby. Thus it is a must have food for mom to be
  • Full of Vitamin K: The amount of Vitamin K present in kale is much more than any other green vegetable giving all the more reasons to include it into your pregnancy diet. We all know that there is additional blood flow in the uterine area during pregnancy, so vitamin K helps to keep the blood vessels strong during pregnancy
  • Rich source of Vitamin-C: Kale is enriched with Vitamin-C which helps in fighting all kinds of infections and it also plays a great healer for the people who suffer wounds as it basically improves the healing process, nevertheless Vitamin-C plays a great role in boosting the immune system as well
    Talking about vitamin C for pregnant women, it gives vitality and strength to the baby and it also saves both the mother and the baby from infections such as cough and cold
  • Kale is rich in Calcium: So, before you pop the next calcium dose prescribed by your doctor, try kale to fulfil the daily calcium need of your body. Kale provides strength to the bones.
    We know that it is necessary for the pregnant women to have calcium rich diet so that the teeth and bones of the baby growing the womb can become strong. Adding kale to your pregnancy diet will solve the issue of calcium deficiency for sure
  • Fulfil your Fibre need: 100 grams of kale contains 2g of fibre. So, rather than looking for the other expensive options of super food, a single cup of kale in your diet will bring a great change in your overall health.
    Fibre is one of the most important nutrients that is required in the diet of a pregnant woman. Kale is packed with fibre and aids in smooth digestion of mother to be. The best part is that the fibre content of this vegetable also helps in preventing constipation during pregnancy

These are some of the top benefits of having kale in your diet, apart from the mentioned nutrients, kale is also rich in Manganese, Vitamin B 12, indole-3 carbinol and the best part is that this healthy food is tasty as well. So, add kale to your pregnancy diet today and enjoy its benefits.
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