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Written by Somapika Sarkar

Somapika Sarkar

cope with kids stress
Right from waking up in the morning, to going back to bed, kids are driven by enthusiasm. It is their innocent approach to everything that keeps them alert, agile and responsive to everything. Don’t we wish to have same enthusiasm to live our lives?
Heads up! It’s not as easy as seems to be a kid. Their little heads are full of questions while they grow and learn about life. Most of the times, they are unaware of the behavioural changes happening within them during this transition.This results into stress that can have deep impact on their personality.
So, naturally as parents, we need to understand what stress they are going through and help them deal with it. Read on fora few parenting tips to cope with child stress:

Performance Pressure:

Whether in studies, games or in developing interests, kids are expected to perform. However, an important part of parenting lies in understanding that to match up to a certain grade, a child has to go through a lot of stress – fear of failure, not being enough, low confidence, etc. To enhance a nurturing attitude, emphasize on kids’ participation more than the outcome, motivate them to give their best.This reduces the stress of performance and grows their capability.

Adhering to rules:

Come on! We all agree that following any set of new rules is not easy. There are a lot of rules for children to follow, especially in their growing years.Of course, the rules are required for them to grow,but learning a new way of behaving without understanding may become stressing and they may feel tied up. So when you set a rule for kids, share your reasons with them. Ensure them that you’re not taking away their freedom, but instilling habits that will help them in the future.

Raising an opinion:

Now explaining to kids about rules, is surely going to invite an opinion. Sometimes these disagreements are expressed unpleasantly. In such case, help your kids construct an argument and debate with them. Eventually, we may avoid agreeing with them, but this way they learn to express their concerns.Thus, the stress of not being heard lessens for them and their self-esteem grows. This will form a very important part of their character in the long run.

Developing new friendships:

Kids that are natural introverts, find it difficult to make friends easily. This makes them anxious about being around too many people. This is when we apply positive parenting approach. Avoid forcing them to mingle with people, alternatively, do some artistic or homely activity with them. This way they feel safe in living their nature. Experts say such upbringing benefits the kids and promotes their opening up to others as well.

Adopt Life skills education:

Parenting is all about raising the individuals in your children. This is why, it is important to emphasize on life skills for children. When you choose to focus on life skills along with academics, your kids bloom.
So, let’s beat stress together.
Source: www.hurraykids.com

Somapika Sarkar,Founder, Hurray Kids

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