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Problem Solving

Problem solving skill is required to resolve conflicts, negotiate solutions and figure out path in the midst of a mess. Today’s world looks for solution centric mindset who doesn’t get overwhelmed  by problems. This skill equips the child to face various problems in life confidently and make them solution provider & independent.

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Parenting Tips

  • • Encourage her to share problems with you daily. Make it a point not to pull them even if she has messed it up. Discuss how she could have solved differently.
  • • Give them daily life problems i.e. Table clock has stopped working – fix it etc.

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Life skills are set of positive behaviour & adaptive skills acquired through learning and from life experiences that enable us to deal effectively with the demands & challenges of life. Life skills include Cognitive skills ( Self-awareness, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making ), Emotional Skills ( Managing Emotions, Coping with Stress ) and Social Skills ( Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communication, Empathy ) . These CES skills develop children into an Independent Thinker, Emotionally Balanced & Socially Adaptable person – all essential attributes for success in the 21st century.


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