After the divine moment of awareness of your pregnancy and relishing each and every following moment of breaking the happy news to dear and near ones, starts the next phase of your pregnancy- being anxious about your baby’s health.
From the water you drink to the way you sleep everything may be a concern for you. You don’t want to hurt your child in any way, even by mistake. Among the endless doubts, the most important one that usually arises during your pregnancy is regarding your sex life. We will help you to find the answers of those questions that bother most pregnant women.
Making love in the first trimester

Why Is My Sex Drive Very High During My First Trimester?

During pregnancy, particularly throughout the first trimester the urge to have sex is found to increase in many women. This is mainly because of the pumping of pregnancy hormones. Your breasts become bigger and pretty sensitive, and the engorged vulva also becomes highly sensitive due to extra blood flow to that region. So what should you do? Is sex the way to go. Well, experts say you can. Don’t hesitate to go ahead with your sexual desires if you are physically fit and have not been told by the doctor to avoid intercourse.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

If you are having a normal pregnancy there is no harm in having sex during your first trimester of pregnancy. But we advise you not to have an intercourse during your first trimester if you come under the following risk categories:

  • If there is a history of miscarriage: Even though it is not proved that sex during the first trimester will lead to miscarriage, if you have a history of miscarriage it would be safe to avoid sex during your first trimester
  • When you are carrying twins or you are having multiple pregnancies: Multiple pregnancy or even a pregnancy with twins, doubles the delicacy of the first trimester as the placenta and uterus are more vulnerable to external pressure. So, we advise you not to have sex without asking your doctor during your primary trimester
  • If you have got been diagnosed with placenta previa: Placenta pervia is a state in which one portion of your placenta covers your cervix. Having sex during this condition will increase the possibilities of the placenta getting damaged and place an enormous risk for the survival of your baby. Read more about placenta previa here
  • When there is a history of premature birth
  • If you experience spotting without any known reason: This might be an indication of some troubles. So don’t go for an intercourse before diagnosing the reason of spotting
  • If your partner has any sexually transmitted disease (STD): If your partner has STD like Hepatitis B or genital herpes, there is a high risk that the infection gets transmitted to you through intercourse. The chances of the infection passing through the placenta and thus affecting your developing baby are also quite high. Make sure your doctor gives a go-ahead to make love
Does Making Love During Pregnancy Hurt My Baby?
  • During normal pregnancy, lovemaking definitely won’t harm your baby. Your baby remains very much safe and well cushioned in amniotic fluid when you are having sex
  • The next doubt may be whether the penis will reach the uterus during intercourse causing damages to placenta or baby. This is totally impossible. Your partner cannot poke your baby during sex. So lift that doubt out of your head now itself
  • Don’t worry about achieving an orgasm too. It is true that an orgasm can trigger the contractions of the uterus but those contractions are harmless and quite different from that of contraction during labour

Sex in the first trimester

Which Sexual Positions Are Safe During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

The first trimester is noted as the most delicate period of pregnancy. You will be well lubed and all your lady parts will be extra sensitive and there is no a big belly to worry about. It is in the first trimester of your pregnancy that you could enjoy sex without any inhibitions because the physical changes during this time are negligible. All positions are safe during the first trimester of pregnancy. You can try all positions, even toughest from Kamasutra to the simplest missionary position.

What Are The Safety Factors To Remember Before Sex During Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

Vigorous or rough sex should be avoided because this may affect your baby in many ways. Remember the saying “It is better to be safe than sorry” before opting for a rough sex. Using condoms during intercourse and cleaning vagina after intercourse ensures the safety of your child from any remote chances of infection. Definitely, keep away from scented lubricants. Avoiding lubricants altogether is appreciated.

Is It Safe To Have Oral Sex Or Anal Sex During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

It is not at all safe to have an anal sex during pregnancy because it increases the chances of an infection passing from the rectum to the vagina. There is a chance of your placenta getting hurt during an anal sex.

Oral sex is comparatively safer. But blowing air into the vagina during oral sex is very dangerous because the chances of the formation of air embolism (blockage of the blood vessel by an air bubble) are very high. An air embolism can prove to be fatal for you and your baby. Cleaning vagina after oral sex is very important.

Why Do I Don’t Want To Have Sex During My First Trimester?

It is perfectly normal to lose your urge for sex during your first trimester. No need to blame yourself for it. Feeling to have sex will be the last thing on your mind if you are undergoing severe morning sickness or feeling extremely tired during your first trimester. Pregnancy hormones and mood swings also play an important role in your decreasing sex drive. If you have itchy and sore breast your sexual desire will get lost. Don’t pressurize yourself to have sex if you are not in a mood. Your partner will surely understand your situation if you share your feelings and concerns openly with him. After all, he is a dad-to-be. Maintaining the warmth of your relationship with your partner is much more important. For this, you should spend quality time with him. Going together for an evening walk or even watching TV or reading books together will not only improve your intimacy with your partner, but also will help to soothe your emotional imbalances during the first trimester of pregnancy. Click here to know how you can increase your sex drive during pregnancy.

Sex drive during pregnancy depends upon so many factors that vary from person to person. It is even seen that women whose sex drive was very high during their first pregnancy, developed an aversion towards it during their second pregnancy. To have or not to have sex is entirely the decision of the mother-to-be. It is the mother who is riding on an emotional and physiological roller coaster during the pregnancy period.
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(Please note that this article is for informational purpose only. Seek your doctor’s help if something is bothering you)