Playing games based on music is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. You can also term them as rhythm games. No matter what you call them, playing those games can be soothing to your ears as well as eyes because the interface of those games is very good. Moreover, little kids love playing those games as it keeps them glued to the screen. Now, games based on music are available on mobile devices as well, which makes them more accessible. So, children can play those games anytime they want. However, you should know that playing video games all the time is not an ideal thing for a child. However, allowing your child to play such games based on music will be a fun activity for sure for your child. So, which games are best to allow your child to play? What are the benefits your child will get by playing such rhythm games? Let’s find out in this article.

Why Should Your Child Play Music Games?

You have heard this many times that playing video games is bad for your child. Still, allowing your child to play rhythm games will be good for him or her. Why is that? What will your child gain by playing such Music Games? Here are some of the benefits of playing rhythm games:

Better Reflexes:

When your child is growing up, you would also want his or her reflexes to grow in a better way. When your child plays rhythm games, he or she has to connect those blocks along with the rhythm of the music, which is an exciting thing for sure. Therefore, when the child is glued with the excitement of connecting those blocks, unknowingly, he or she will be doing the exercise to improve reflexes. This is one of the huge advantages of allowing your child to play rhythm games.

Better Concentration Level:

No parent in this world does not want his or her child to have a great level of focus and concentration. That is why parents indulge their children to perform multiple mental exercises to have a better concentration level. However, one simple way of improving the concentration power of a child is by allowing the child to play rhythm games or any other video game. It will help the child to have a better concentration level. It is found that the toddlers who were exposed to music while growing up excelled in academics than those who were not.

Teaches Them Patience And Discipline:

Learning how to play a musical instrument or musical games will teach the children discipline and patience. Especially in group activities, discipline, practice, and patience count, and they will more often continue it throughout life.

Improved Hand-Eye-Ear Coordination:

You will not find many people having good hand-eye-ear coordination. This is because there are very few exercises that can help you to have these three parts of your body working in unison to achieve a singular goal. There are many exercises for better hand-eye coordination, but rhythm games are one such thing that includes ear as well. You have to make use of your ears to hear the Video Game Music, eyes to see the blocks, and hands to join the blocks. This is what makes rhythm games so existing to play.

Boosts Confidence:

The self-confidence of the children increases considerably by successfully taking part in musical games.  They discover that through singing or playing the music, they can successfully communicate with an n number of people. Music games can also improve the social skills of children. They will find it easy to do stage performance and chip in group events.

Best Music Games Free That Your Child Can Play

There so many Music Games Free, which you can allow your child to play with. These games are available on mobile devices as well. You can download these games from both iOS and Android platforms. So, let’s have a look at these wonderful rhythm games.

Aero Guitar Free

At some point in time in your life, you might have put your hands on a guitar. Children get fascinated by the mesmerizing sound of a guitar. If your child loves guitar as well, then Aero Guitar Free is a wonderful game for your child. Your child may not be able to play Game Of Thrones Music in it, but he or she will love it.

  • App Store Rating: 2 Stars

Tap Tap Revenge

Does your child want to tap on your iPhone along with a wonderful rhythm? Then Tap Tap Revenge is a game that he or she should try. Inspired by the Japanese game series Dance Dance Revolution, the gameplay of the popular iOS game resembles a lot from Guitar Hero.

  • App Store Rating: 3 Stars


Arcaea is a wonderful rhythm game that has an interface that resembles an anime style. Moreover, it also takes inspiration from the Guitar Hero. Your child will have a smooth gameplay experience in this game. It is available in both the App Store and Play Store.

  • App Store Rating:8 Stars
  • Play Store Rating:6 Stars


Cytoid is one of the latest additions on the family of rhythm games. It is a community rhythm game where it has many songs of its own. The game is free, and therefore, your child can have a seamless rhythm gaming experience without any ads or in-app purchases.

  • App Store Rating:5 Stars
  • Play Store Rating: 3 Stars

Apart from various rhythm games, you can also allow your child to play various Music Trivia Games, which will also be quite enjoyable for him or her. You should know that these rhythm games are great to play and will also help your child to grow in a better way. Therefore, allowing your child to these games once in a while will not be such a bad idea.