It is not easy to find a person who does not like to listen to music. The sound of music is so serene and heart-warming that anyone who listens to it transcends to a different state altogether. That is why music is a passion for many, as well. Listening to soft music can also bring peace of mind and help you to concentrate better. Yes, the impact of music on your focus level is unmatched. Once you start listening to music, its sound waves are so powerful that they can transcend you to a whole new and serene ambiance. Are you a music lover? Do you think so? Then you can test your knowledge of music through Music Games containing trivia. It will test your knowledge of music like nothing else. Therefore, let’s have a discussion on such wonder games based on music trivia.

Why Should You Play Music Trivia Games

You could be wondering why you should play games based on music trivia. You may not be inclined to test your music knowledge. So, are there other benefits to reap from playing such games? These are quite general contemplation that anyone could have before they start playing such games. So, let’s see why you should play Video Game Music trivia:

  • Playing games based on music trivia will enrich your music knowledge along with testing it.
  • Your concentration level will increase by far after playing games based on music trivia.
  • For students, they will be able to focus more on their studies after playing such games.
  • Excitement is something that these games based on music trivia will surely bring.
  • Your past time will become more enjoyable and fulfilling by playing these games.

Best Music Trivia Games Available For Mobile Devices

In this day and age, most people are more inclined to play games on their mobile devices than on their PC or laptop. One of the reasons for that is they can play those games even on the go. That is why it is important that you know about the games on music trivia that are available for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. Let’s have a look at such awesome Music Games Free for your mobile devices:

1. SongPop 2 – Guess The Song

SongPop 2 is an exciting game for music lovers. If you want to test your music knowledge, then this will be the game for you. As you will be competing against others, the stakes will be high, and once you win or get a good rank, you will find rewards through which you will be able to achieve more playlists. You will also have the choice of selecting your preferred genre of music in this app.

  • Developer: FreshPlanet
  • Available on: Android, iOS
  • Ratings: Android 4.1, iOS 4.7

2. Trivial Music Quiz

In this game, you will have questions along with images as well for music, you have ten questions to answer in each round and have 30 seconds for each question to answer. You will earn points for responding promptly. Moreover, you are getting three lives to earn more points. You will love to play this game.

  • Developer: Quiz & Trivia Games
  • Available on: Android, iOS
  • Ratings: Android 3.8, iOS 4.6

3. Rock On – A SongPop Adventure

If you are a lover of rock songs, then this game is precisely the one for you. As you give correct answers periodically, you will go up the leader board and also earn the right amount of points. You will also earn various titles in this game. It is a fantastic game for rock lovers.

  • Developer: FreshPlanet
  • Available on: iOS
  • Ratings: iOS 4.7

4. Classic Rock Quiz

This is also another superb app to test your knowledge of rock music if you are a rock lover. You have multiple modes of playing this game, such as beat the clock challenge, Battle of the Bands, or Classic Quiz. This is also a very highly rated game.

  • Developer: App Quizzes
  • Available on: Android
  • Ratings: Android 4.4

5. Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game

This game is surely the one for 90’s music lovers. You can test your knowledge of the 90’s songs in a more comprehensive way. You will have questions based on artists, lyrics, songs, albums, and much more. It is really a delightful game for 90’s music lovers.

  • Developer: Smart Quiz Apps
  • Available on: Android
  • Ratings: Android 4.4

6. Guess The Song – Music Quiz

This game will surely test your music knowledge. It is one of the most highly regarded trivia games based on the music on the Android platform. You have to answer as quickly as you can to earn points. You might also get Game Of Thrones Music as a question on this app because unpredictability is the biggest plus point of this app.

  • Developer: S Quiz It!
  • Available on: Android
  • Ratings: Android 4.2


QuizUp is not a game that is specifically designated to test your music knowledge. However, its music quiz section can be a bit overwhelming. That is why this one such game based on music trivia that you have to try to test your music knowledge.

  • Developer: Glu
  • Available on: Android, iOS
  • Ratings: Android 4.2, iOS 4.5

For most of the music lovers, Music Trivia Games are very much fun. You will surely love to enjoy playing music games on such apps.  The apps that are given above are very much higher rated, and you will surely enjoy playing those games. Therefore, get ready to test your music knowledge with the help of these games based on music trivia.