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No Bake Desert Recipes For Kids – No Oven, No Gas Required

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Do children ever need an excuse for a celebration? Be it a birthday or even just a simple get together, children love excuses for a celebration. And what is a celebration without a lip smacking yummy cake? However baking is a long process and sometimes you feel like you require a simple no bake recipe that will present you with a delicious cake. These are simple, quick, easy and require no oven time. Given below are some wonderful; no bake cake recipes that come out beautifully and are sure to be a hit among your kids.

5 Delicious No Bake Desert Recipes For Kids – No Oven Required
No Bake Angel Strawberry Cake For Kids

Ingredients Required For No Bake Angel Strawberry Cake:

  • Two tablespoons of toasted and sliced almonds
  • One tub whipped cream frozen topping that has been thawed
  • Four cups of strawberries sliced
  • 3/4th cup sugar separated
  • Orange juice – 3 tbsp separated
  • A single block 1/3 low fat cream cheese that has been softened well
  • Two tablespoons of skim milk that has been evaporated


  • Mix around one fourth cup of sugar along with strawberries and leave it for about an hour
  • Take another bowl and mix half a cup of sugar, milk and cream cheese with a blender till smooth
  • Cut your cake into three horizontal layers and position the last layer on a plate or cake board
  • Brush the bottom later with orange juice and then spread around half the portion of cream cheese over this
  • Now layer it with one third portion of the strawberries
  • Now place another layer of cake and repeat the process with the third layer too
  • Cover the sides and top with whipped topping and refrigerate for half an hour
  • Decorate the cake with the strawberries that are remaining and remember to top them with sliced almonds before serving

Angel strawberry cake

No Bake Mint Chocolate Icebox Cake For Kids

Ingredients Required For No Bake Mint Chocolate Icebox Cake:

  • One pack chocolate wafers
  • A tiny cup of Chocó-chips
  • One and three fourths cup of chilled and heavy cream
  • One fourth cup sugar
  • Three fourth tsp extract from mint


  • In order to prepare the mint cream, blend cream along with mint extract and sugar until a stiff peak is formed
  • Spread half tbsp mint cream on wafer staking them horizontally and press them lightly till a log is formed
  • Cover the log completely with cream with the aid of a spatula
  • Now refrigerate for around four hours and sprinkle with Chocó chips before you are ready to serve

Mint chocolate icebox

No Bake Chocolate Icebox Cake For Kids

Ingredients Required For No Bake Chocolate Icebox Cake:

  • Three fourth cup cream
  • One pack of chocolate wafers
  • Cooking spray that is non stick
  • 30 ounces of part skim ricotta cheese; half of this in room temperature


  • Coat the inside of your pan with non stick cooking spray and line wax paper inside your baking tray ensuring that some extra hangs over the sides
  • Melt chocolate in a double boiling pan till it gets completely soft and melted
  • Blend ricotta till smooth and blend again after adding melted chocolate
  • Beat cream to a stiff peak and then add the ricotta and chocolate mixture into it
  • Arrange cookies in your pan overlapping each other
  • Layer with mixture of chocolate and then add one more layer of cookies. Repeat the process with ricotta and chocolate mixture and smoothen the top portion well. Wrap with plastic wrap and cool for around six hours
  • Prior to serving, with the aid of the wax paper, slowly pull the cake onto a plate
  • Top with remaining chocolate shavings and serve

Chocolate icebox cake

No Bake Seven Layer Ice Cream Cake For Kids

Ingredients Required For No Bake Seven Layer Ice Cream Cake:

  • One pound of frozen cake
  • Two cups Raspberry sorbet that has been softened
  • Tartar cream
  • Egg white of two eggs
  • Half tsp vanilla extract
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • One cup vanilla ice cream
  • Half a cup of chocolate wafer cookies broken into pieces


  • Cut the cake horizontally into slices
  • Layer the tin with plastic wrap ensuring you leave around six inches hanging on the sides
  • Layer the bottom part with cake and spread a cup of sorbet over it. Now place the second layer of cake and top with half a cup of ice cream
  • Position the next layer of cake, top with wafer crumbs, vanilla ice cream and the final layer of cake topping it with the reaming cup of sorbet
  • Place the last horizontal layer of cake on top and cover this with plastic wrap and leave it to freeze for one hour
  • Double boil tartar cream and egg white and keep stirring until foams are seen. Fold in sugar and stir till it completely dissolves
  • Remove from fire and beat to a peak. Mix vanilla extract and keep aside
  • When the cake is refrigerated well, add a dollop of this yummy meringue as topping before you serve

7-Layer-icecream cake

No Bake Cheesy Chocolate Cake For Kids

Ingredients Required For No Bake Cheesy Chocolate Cake:

  • A pint of raspberries that are fresh
  • Seven ounces Chocó wafer cookies
  • 8 tbsp butter that is unsalted
  • Cream cheese package of eight ounces
  • Lime juice : 2 tbsp
  • One third cup sugar and three tbsp more
  • One fourth cup cream


  • Grind cookies finely in your blender
  • Add the ground mixture along with around 3 tbsp butter and mix well
  • Spread this mixture onto your cake tin evenly and refrigerate
  • Blend lime juice, cream cheese and one third cup sugar to make a smooth creamy paste and add whipped cream into this mixture
  • Take the crust from your freezer and pour this mixture over it. Refrigerate for about half an hour and serve with fresh strawberries as topping

no bake chocolate cheesecake
Try these simple, quick and easy recipes and relish them with your friends and family.

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