Pregnancy Calendar

 Major changes and developments take place in you and the little one inside you every week. Keep Up-to-date with our Pregnancy Calendar as we guide you to a happy pregnancy:

First Trimester:

  • Weeks 1-3 Time for ovulation and fertilisation.
  • Week 4     Development of your baby’s organs begin, the embryo and the placenta develop
  • Week 5     A home pregnancy test should confirm your pregnancy, while the baby starts developing cells for the heart and circulatory systems
  • Week 6     Formation of the limbs, head and skin begins, and pregnancy symptoms will be more intense. Finalise a OB/GYN, gear up for the first meet.
  • Week 7     Brain development is happening rapidly, and increase in cup size will be observed.
  • Week 8    Fetal period begins for the baby, and your morning sickness takes over most part of the day.
  • Week 9     Muscles are being formed, you might hear the heartbeat of the baby on your doctor’s visit!
  • Week 10   Formation of bones and cartilage happens for the baby, weight gain, swelled up breasts and slow digestion for you.
  • Week 11    The baby takes up human shape, while you have newfound long hair and nails.
  • Week 12   The baby might start physical activities, and you will be feeling energetic.
  • Week 13  The early symptoms of pregnancy disappear, and the baby develops reflexes. Your first trimester ends here!

Second Trimester:

  • Week14  The baby’s growing a lot of hair, and the first trimester symptoms ease up for you.
  • Week 15   The baby is more human now, and your libido is pulsating.
  • Week 16   The baby develops eyes and eyelids, makes facial expressions while your tummy grows larger.
  • Week 17   You look and feel pregnant, and the baby develops the sense of here, while your struggle with “pregnancy amnesia” symptoms will be more intense..
  • Week 18  The baby learns to swallow and suck, while you are looking to eat more!
  • Week 19   The baby develops a coating to keep his skin moisturised, while you wish there was something to help you with your itchy stomach.
  • Week 20  Time for a routine ultrasound, and leg cramps too.
  • Week 21   The baby tells you how to sit and sleep by her movements.
  • Week 22   Swollen legs and feet make up for the baby’s senses development.
  • Week 23   Test for fetus screening, and you see your little doll curled up.
  • Week 24   Connect with the baby, while she hones her senses.
  • Week 25   The baby will soon breathe, while you satiate your hunger pangs.
  • Week 26   The baby lets her eyes open, while you wish you could close your’s for some warm sleep.
  • Week 27   Active movement for the baby, and a fatter Maa now leave the second trimester for another exciting


  • Week 28   Stretch marks are more visible, while your baby is ready with her cute face.
  • Week 29   The baby is busy in packing on the pounds that make her loot so cute, only if that fat was suiting you as much!
  • Week 30   The baby’s brain is getting smarter, while you should dress smart to cover your growing belly.
  • Week 31   Complex development for the brain, while you deal with labor fears.
  • Week 32   Braxton Hicks Contractions and the baby’s survival skills go hand in hand.
  • Week 33   Development of an immune system takes place, while you are thinking about lactation.
  • Week 34   While the baby goes heads down, you are bombarded with advices.
  • Week 35   Neurons are getting wired up, while you could ease a bit by wiring some friends for a get together!
  • Week 36   Sore and aching bones and blurry vision, while the baby responds to your conversations.
  • Week 37   The “urge to nest” takes over, while doctor looks for labor signs.
  • Week 38   Production of surfactant by the baby, and colostrum by you begins.
  • Week 39   Eagerness sets in while the baby keeps on developing the brain and accumulating the fat.
  • Week 40   Official week of d-day – labor pains yet??
  • Week 41   The baby decides to stay a little more inside the womb, but he might make an exit any time now!
  • Week 42   A rare case, maybe, but hey, the baby’s gonna come out all active!!



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