Preparing for Parenthood

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Planning for ParenthoodPlanning a pregnancy? Want to bring a new life? Do you feel its time and you must plan a baby? Ask yourself – Are You Ready? It might sound the easiest question in the world for some people as they have achieved certain goals and set up their life the way they wanted. Some need to think on a little seriously before they take into the plunge. If you are ready for this lifelong job we wish after reading this piece and check your readiness, by the end of it, you would be in a better position to decide.

Home: Children need a space where they are secured and safe; home is where you get this feeling. If you live in a small apartment which is just meant for you two, you need to think it might not be good enough once baby is here. Therefore are you ready to shed money to renovate and expand or buy a new house.

Relationships: Marriage might be doable but parenthood isn’t. You need to be support each other and fix problems yourself, the baby won’t solve any problems; you need to fix them together. You and your partner need to be on the same page, both have to come together and make a decision as on what is best suitable for both.

Career: Once you have achieved certain goals, achieved something professionally and happy about it and now you are open to redefine yourself in different way. You can achieve your targets even after having baby now a day’s having a baby and career is not impossible. Many women do return to work within a year.

Financial Security: You don’t have to be a millionaire to raise kids, but need to be financially secured for your child’s future. If you are worried about making ends meet and in a bad shape when finance is concerned then it might not be the right time yet.

Family Pressure/Friends: Are you planning a baby under familial pressure? Or maybe most of your friends already have a child or are expecting? Think again! You need to be emotionally ready for baby and stress free.

Conception: You might have no idea about your ability to conceive or not unless you give it a try. It could take months or even years. Only if you are ready for parenthood give it a try as some get pregnant on their very first try.

After reading the things that are mentioned above and if you agreed on most of them they you’re prepared to have a baby. At one point of time we all must have sworn never to be parent but we all did and if you are ready to plunge into parenthood then, Congrats! Baby is on the way!

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