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Provide a Healthy Environment at Home

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Provide a healthy environment at home

Provide a healthy environment at home

Welcoming your child in a healthy and friendly environment at home is not only the responsibility of the parents but also the need of the child. If a child grows and develops in a healthy environment, it will reflect on his personality. From the time a baby is born to early years till 5, a child develops habits based on the information his mind processes and store all these crucial years. So let this learning experience be the one that makes his childhood strong and helps him in the development of the brain. If the parents maintain a friendly relationship with their children, it will have the following advantages:

  • The child will discuss his problems with his parents and will not hesitate to share his thoughts with them. He will trust his parents more, if they behave like a friend. He would like to accept their advice willingly in a congenial environment.
  • Learning would become easier for the child if the parents respect the child and his feelings and do not enforce their decisions on his. But being a friend does not always help.
  • There has to be some authority and the child should not take the leniency of the parents for granted. There has to be a proper balance and the child should understand that while his parents are being friendly yet they have to be obeyed and respected.
  • You must ensure discipline in your child because there is a difference between a child who’s loved and a spoiled pampered child. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that their child is not spoilt.
  • It has been seen that if there is harmony in the family between the family members, the child tends to grow in a positive environment. If there are differences in the family or if there are constant fights between the parents the child feels lost and lonely. Give your child a healthy environment to live in and limit your differences to your room. Your arguments with your spouse should
    not be in front of your child. The children at this small age are tender and do not understand the underlying reason for the argument, they just observe your reactions and copy them later in their behaviour, thus, becoming aggressive and annoying.
  • Spend time with your child; take interest in his anecdotes and his friends. Play with him, take him out, share some stories and do provide all that he needs and even more.

This is the time when your child trusts you completely so have an authentic and strong bond. Set rules that is necessary for his personality   development. It is every parents dream to give the best of everything to his child, whether it is a mother or a father. Show your child the unconditional love you have for him and he will grow up to be a happy individual with a strong mindset and better thoughts.

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