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A Brief About Medical Tests

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medical checkup

As soon as it is confirmed that a woman has conceived, she must go to doctor for routine checkup. Health assumes topmost priority once you are pregnant. There are a number of prenatal medical tests which need to be done when a woman is pregnant.  Choose a doctor you are most comfortable with, and a hospital close by your place of residence. These tests are done to make sure your baby is healthy and fit in your womb. Sometimes these medical check-ups relate to mother’s health. If she is already suffering from any disease, it is very important to check that the baby should not get affected by it. A regular visit to doctor for routine check- ups also helps to know about baby’s week by week growth. In general, a woman with normal pregnancy needs to visit doctor once in a month till 8th month and then weekly during 9th month. A woman with high risk pregnancy needs to see the doctor quite often. Most pregnant women need to have 10-15 prenatal visits to the doctor. Keep all your medical history handy and share all your previous reports.

The regular and known tests during pregnancy are checking blood pressure, weight, abdomen of the mother. Ultrasound is the test which in done during 18-20 weeks of your pregnancy. You can see your baby on a computer’s monitor during this test. But again the frequency of this test depends on case to case. The other tests which are done to detect certain birth defects which may be due to genetic disorders or Down syndrome are Amniocentesis, Chorionic villus. Urine test is carried out to check for any urine infection or diabetes. Glucose tolerance test is done during 26th-28th week of pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes.

An expecting mother is given various supplements of vitamin, mineral, calcium, Iron, folic acid etc. which helps to keep a baby healthy .If needed a doctor may ask to get the blood test done. Do not get worried if you are asked to go through various kinds of tests .Sometimes even if doctor feels any one abnormal symptom he/she might want to know about it in detail with the help of these tests. But it does not mean your baby is not well or there is always something very serious. To avoid any mishappening these check-ups are done periodically. These check –ups and tests during pregnancy are also known as prenatal tests or prenatal check-ups. Doctors also check for HIV, anemia .During 10-13th

week dating scan is carried out to know your estimated due date. It may also tell you whether you are expecting one baby or twins! You may also hear your baby’s heartbeat during this test.

Jot down any concerns or questions you need to know. For these entire tests it is better if a couple can go together. After all this is the time when you start sharing emotional bond with the baby.

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