We can learn the skills of the gifted child

In Opher's organization’s work with hundreds of children between the age of 6-12, he have shown that 5 to 7 minutes a day of simple, specially designed “games‟ helps children enhance their creative thinking, improve their grades at school, makes it easier for them to cope with attention deficit disorders, develops self-confidence and talent in multiple areas, and gives them the creativity, imagination, and talents necessary to thrive in a future when machines and “artificial intelligence‟ are taking over any jobs that don’t require creativity, imagination, and skills.

Would you like to see how you can offer your child this kind of extraordinary advantage? Let's get started.

1. Pattern recognition

2. Pattern design

3. Analogy

4. Real-time composition (RTC)


Begin your child's journey to success

For a child without this kind of advantage, life is an ongoing struggle to learn, to create, to succeed.

But by providing thousands of students over the years with the kind of advantage, here is what Opher have been able to accomplish...

IMAGINE your child, who does not have any formal knowledge in music, being able to play 216 melodies in seven minutes on the first week of learning.

IMAGINE your child transforming their knowledge in music to martial arts and making hundreds of learning in the same week.

IMAGINE your child acquiring a high level of coordination and movement on the third week of learning.

IMAGINE your child drawing hundreds of skillful drawings on the fourth week.

IMAGINE your child creating dance choreography on the fifth week.

For a child without this kind of advantage, life is an ongoing struggle to learn, to create, to succeed.

But by providing thousands of students over the years with this kind of advantage, here is what Opher have been able to accomplish...

And what if your child could be taught how to accomplish all this in less than eight hours of learning and practicing?

The secret is that at the root of what we call talent, being gifted, even being intelligent, is simply what Opher calls “pattern recognition, pattern design and analogy -- the ability to recognize patterns and apply them in a meaningful way.

If one looks at “geniuses‟ throughout history, one so often finds that they have had some kind of training in pattern recognition and duplication.

But today, our limited, learn-by-rote education and all the time spent on phones and online are robbing children of this experience.


Now Your child can learn the skills necessary to become "gifted" in less than 7 minutes a day with our unique brain development acceleration program: THE STAGES ACADEMY.

Here’s how THE STAGES ACADEMY works

1. Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition is the ability to recognize emotional, intellectual, or physical patterns and how they are being built and connected. This is the intelligence element of talent.

This is what an infant does naturally to mimic a language and behavior. Unfortunately, we start to lose this natural ability when we start going to school

3. Analogy

Analogy means techniques that help people to see the relationship between one pattern and another in their lives. The learner links the new experience to a previous one by saying “this is like…‟ This technique produces fast learners.

Basically, this is what enables us to understand something in one area and apply it to another -- such as when a concept in a computer game is adapted to learning.

2. Pattern design

Pattern design is when the elements of the patterns are taken and connected in a set order to do or create something -- whether a behavior, an insight, a product, a service, or behavior.

This is the creative part of talent -- the breaking of patterns into parts and making new combinations by duplication and change.

4. Real-time composition (RTC)

Real-time composition (RTC) fuses the recognized and designed patterns and finds the common denominator.

This is when miracles are happening inside our mind and we produce new ideas.


The Stages Academy program is a complete 21-hour training in better thinking and creativity for your child. It contains everything both you and your child need to get the most out of the training, including:

  • 230 fun and fast video lessons you and your child can watch on their own, or you can enjoy and benefit from together
  • 50 parent workshop videos so you can understand what’s behind the training and better support your child (bonus: you, too, will become smarter and more creative!)
  • 230 worksheets/playsheets
  • A Facebook group where you can interact with other parents and support each other
  • Monthly Webinars to explain and expand on the concepts being taught
  • A Monthly Question and Answer Session to ensure that any questions you have will be addressed

Will your child be ready for the future?

As machines take over more and more tasks, the world seeks talented people. In the near future, those who cannot tap into their natural-born talent (which this program teaches you how to do) won't survive in the workplace.

Every job which calls for rational decision making and which has no need for talent will be replaced by a technological system. For instance, the ATM has replaced the bank teller. The ATM is more productive, more accessible and, obviously, requires no paycheck.

The bank teller has been recently joined by the supermarket cashier and in the near future, hundreds of millions of professionals will join the unemployment ranks. The competition will change -- no longer man versus man, but rather, man versus machine.

The writing is on the wall and the results are already being felt every day. The change is so fast, that it is crucial to allow every person to acquire an arsenal of skills and talents in different fields and to assure lifelong employment. The basic level of knowledge of a young person, even with degrees, is not sufficient in today's competitive and challenging world.

At the same time, there is a new successful generation out there. Some of them reside in places like Silicon Valley. They are masters in math, philosophy, computer sciences, and they have an all-new business orientation that we haven't met until now. They are the great entrepreneurs who are changing the world we live in.

The integration of curiosity, ethics, values, and leadership enables them to be so successful. Their secret is a cooperation of talents.

The world seeks and richly rewards these talented people -- people who can be fast learners in any field, who can be exceptionally creative, innovative, and productive.

We cannot wait for fate or fortune to hand our children the required talent and untaught skills they need both now and to face the future.‟

For it is the child that is called “gifted‟ today who will lead and succeed tomorrow.



Tammy Barkley

"It's exciting to implement the games. Math is everywhere, we just weren't looking for it."


Denny Strecker

"Can help thousands, if not millions of children to create a better future."


Stan Tabor

"Teaches to see and connect patterns through math, movement, music and martial arts. A new world."


Raymond Ahles

"We are far more capable than we realize and Stages is a fun way to experience it. I plan to implement with my family, my students, and myself to help make our lives better."

How THE STAGES ACADEMY program was born

THE STAGES ACADEMY program was born out of the worldwide burning necessity to meet this need for more talented people. Because the multifaceted talent, which is the key to survival in the coming years can be taught and strengthened through practice and cooperation.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses, specific areas in which we are naturally talented, and some in which we are less so. Becoming what the world sees as “gifted‟ means unlocking the potential every person has in all areas of life by giving them the skills of pattern recognition and design that are applicable in every field.

You know what your child is good at. But did you know that your child also has unlimited potential? Stages Academy allows your child to actualize this potential and turn it into new abilities, which can influence every aspect of their life.

We want to give you and your child the tools to spread your child's talent to all areas of his or her life, into all their educational, occupational and other endeavors. This is very important for their future.

Kids love to play, of course. That’s why when you give them the opportunity to learn while they play, it is eagerly embraced and it becomes so very easy to give your child the fundamentals they need for optimum success in life.

When you combine these two elements, you create an environment and build the fundamentals for your child's genius and success. Our methodology is based on playing and learning. This synergy creates productive innovative world-class leaders.

About Opher Brayer

Opher Brayer

Talent Development expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist and Creator.

Since 1984, Opher has been researching, constructing, and applying dozens of unique methodologies, which have demonstrated that people can develop the innovators’ mind, in contrary to the popular belief that talent is “natural‟ and “inborn‟. Combining his passions for education and music, Opher raised an impressive number of local and international world-class professional musicians using his multi-talent development method.

In 2007 Opher initiated The Stages Academy program which introduced more than 2,000 children from various socio-economic groups in the Czech Republic to the process of acquiring multi-disciplinary talent as well as the Innovators mind, training the new generation for the challenges of the future. The Stages Academy program have phenomenal success as for the extraordinary results with the children and the teachers, and gained high recognition from governments and the European Commission.


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You will agree that is a very small price to pay -- less than Rs.50/- a day, really -- to give your child the kind of advantage that can light a fire under their success in school, in the workplace and in life.

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