The Two Most Common Surgeries During Pregnancy

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Terms such as “glowing” and “radiant” are often used to describe a pregnant woman. This is a phase in a woman’s life that comes with a long list of dos and don’ts, medical tests, and unsolicited advice. It is one of the few times in life that it seems socially acceptable for a perfect stranger to walk up to another person and tell personal details about their own birth experiences.

common surgeries during pregnancy

Words of wisdom seem to come from every angle, from how to induce labor to getting your child into the best college when they’re old enough. Despite the annoyance, it is straightforward to see that most people are well-meaning. However, there are still cases where a disorder for the mother may overlap with pregnancy.


Surgery during pregnancy is usually put off until after the baby is born; however, this is not always possible. Abdominal surgery increases the risk of early-onset labor and can cause a miscarriage, particularly in the earlier pregnancy stages. Every expectant mother wants to do what is best for her baby; however, ensuring that you are healthy and live a long and fruitful life is a part of the equation. As such, sometimes surgery is required. Read on to know about some of the more common surgeries during pregnancy.


Gallbladder Removal

Cholecystitis is the technical name for when a gallbladder is inflamed. Blockages can cause this due to thick bile or gallstones that can develop and get stuck in the biliary duct or gallbladder. Due to the increased estrogen in their system, pregnant women are at a higher risk for developing gallstones. Pain, vomiting, nausea, and bloating are all potential signs of cholecystitis.


However, not all cholecystitis cases require surgery, as at times, the condition can be treated with pain medication, fluids, and rest. Moreover, surgery can sometimes be delayed until after pregnancy. While watchful waiting is usually the preferred course of action, sometimes surgery to remove the gallbladder is necessary during pregnancy if an infection does not go away. In fact, the second most common non-obstetric surgery performed during pregnancy is for gallbladder removal.



An appendectomy is the most common non-obstetric surgery performed during pregnancy. Since a ruptured appendix can be life-threatening, surgery is generally done immediately. Appendicitis can cause cramping pain, which is similar to the common contractions a woman might feel during pregnancy. Sometimes, appendicitis can be more difficult to diagnose, especially when compounded with organ movement later in pregnancy.


Luckily, an appendectomy is not likely to harm your unborn child and has a minimal risk of miscarriage. However, risks can develop, and it is important to know who to call when a surgery goes awry. If you are pregnant and feel abdominal pain, especially if it is combined with vomiting or nausea, it is best to seek medical assistance.


Pregnancy can cause havoc on a woman’s body and result in a myriad of unexpected changes. Swollen feet and stretch marks might be more common; however, more serious conditions can also develop that might need immediate attention. If you have any queries or questions about your health during pregnancy, we recommend that you speak to your doctor for the best advice.

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