Toddler games are specifically designed to boost the emotional as well as cognitive skills of kids. These games are fun to play and at the same time, are highly beneficial. They could either be educational or memory-related games or some others like those consisting of physical activity. These games help the child to grow and increase their concentration as well as response power, which will help them as they grow. With the growing technology, we can witness numerous such free toddler games available to the kids which they can play during their free time.

Reasons To Opt For Free Toddler Games

Any busy mother with toddlers will swear to have a few free toddler games are a real lifesaver on many occasions. Free toddler games not only keep your kids engaged. It also has a beneficial side. Check out these major reasons given below:

1.Improve Physical Development:

Toddler games have been proved to be highly beneficial for the physical development of toddlers. Playing toddler games that include physical activities help the toddlers enhance their motor skills, and at the same time, they learn how to use their reflexes in any given situation. Such games are fun to play and at the same time, help them improve physically.

2.Learning Becomes Fun:

These free toddler games that are readily available to the kids also help them take an interest in learning and education since these games combine both of them and make it fun and entertaining so that the kids enjoy while they learn.

3. Boost Engagement With Children

In modern times we often see parents struggling to maintain a constant relationship with their kids. Therefore, parents could take these free toddler games as a path through which they can fully be engaged in these activities with their children so that they can spend time with them and at the same time, connect with their kids.

4. Enhances Curiosity In Children:

As the kids take up these fun games, they tend to be engrossed in its content, which leads to them thinking more creatively and opening the doors of imagination. These games not only help increase their curiosity but indirectly help them learn and gain knowledge and skills.

Find Some Toddler Games That Are Both Fun And Educational

Here are three toddler games that are both fun and educational. And also you need not have an internet connection to play these games.

1. Sago Mini Friends

Sago mini friends’ game is one of the most anticipated toddler games online that helps kids to think creatively and improve their puzzle-solving skills. The game begins by selecting any random colorful character, which then goes out to explore the neighborhood and perform various tasks.


  • Encourages empathy, sharing, and creativity of the toddler
  • A toddler can play this anywhere; no need for Wi-Fi or internet.
  • Offers uninterrupted play; there will be no in-app purchases or third-party advertising.


  • Download it from Google Play Store
  • Download it from the Apple App Store
  • Amazon

Play PBS Kids:

The toddler will be able to play this game along with his much loved PBS characters. The child will be able to learn about letters, shapes, and even simple mathematical and science concepts. Excellent for toddlers and preschoolers.


  • Safe child-friendly game
  • No need for internet connection


  • Download it from the Apple App Store.
  • Download it from Google Play.
  • Download it from Amazon.

3. Laugh And Learn Animal Sound:

This is a free app from Fisher-Price. This app helps toddlers to learn the names of different animals and also to recognize their sound.


  • Simple to use
  • Safe and child-friendly


  • Download it from the Apple App Store.
  • Download it from Google Play.
  • Download it from Amazon.

4. Breathe, Think, and Do With Sesame:

This amazing game is one of the top-rated ones and helps the toddler how to think their way through a tough situation. Breathe, think, and do technique of this game provides challenges on problem-solving, planning, and importantly, keeping time.


  • Five interactive activities with a unique everyday challenge
  • “Breathe with the monster” helps the children to learn how to chill down by taking long breathes.


  • Download it from the Apple App Store.
  • Download it from Google Play.
  • Download it from Amazon

5. Lego Duplo Train:

If your toddler is an admirer of trains, this simple game will offer him new inspiration.  In this game, your little one will play the role of the train driver. He loads cargo, builds bridges, stops at crossings, helps passengers, refuels, and lay new tracks to turn the train safely around obstacles.


  • Bright and fun
  • Toddler-friendly animations and sound effects
  • Cute, interactive DUPLO landscape with lots of building fun and surprises
  • No in-app purchase and third party advertising


  • Download it from the Apple App Store.
  • Download it from Google Play.

Here are three websites that provide free toddler games


This platform provides some of the best free toddler games with a unique feature wherein the games are sorted according to the type of skills as it requires, such as problem-solving, reading games, etc. This feature makes it easier for the parents so that they can encourage their children to play those games in the view of which they would like to improve or learn.


This website contains arcade-type toddler games that include educational concepts and at the same time, have different levels that are to be completed. They are quite similar to other real arcade games and also provide you with a leader board so that you can compete with many other players. This type of game helps the kids improve a variety of skills at the same time.


This website provides some of the most significant toddler learning games that help the kids have fun while playing and at the same time, introduce them to some of the educational concepts. These fun learning games are available in different categories, such as thinking, letters, etc. that keep the kids entertained for a longer time.

Some Final Words

The games, as mentioned above, can prove to be genuinely beneficial to your kids and will help them improve their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills to their best levels. The growing age of kids is the crucial years wherein it is essential to concentrate on their development so that the skills they acquire during these years can benefit them in their future.