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Top 10 Tips To Prepare Your Child For School

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If you are worried how your toddler will adjust to the new preschool or day care routines, the solution lies in making preparations for the same. Essentially, once you decide to resume work and plan to leave your baby in a day care or with a caregiver at home, you should start making him know that Mommy could be away at times. Similarly, when he’s going to a school, he needs to let go his fears and embrace the world outside with open arms.

Some tips, to make the transition easier for the children:

  • Take The Talk Walk: Refrain from surprising your child by announcing it’s the day of school. Talk to your child, about how fun school is, what he will learn, and how he will be making new friends. Also talk to him about the new routines that will be settling in.
  • Set the Expectations Right: No, it’s not going to be a fairy tale ride either. Let your child know what to expect, how school works and how he needs to adjust. Though if he’s just in a day care or a preschool, he will not have the pressure of studies, yet let him know that he might be required to listen sometimes.
  • Avoid Rushy Mornings: Avoid the morning rush, and plan your day in advance, inculcating the same habit in your child. Early habits go a long way in making of a balanced lifestyle.
  • Visit the School Together: As a team, visit the school/day-care together, let him tell you how and what he likes, and where is the bathroom and the pantry. Also, meet the teacher if you can, so that he has one familiar face around when he comes back alone.
  • Shopping Together: Shopping is again, a great way to bond. Go for shopping together, if your little one is big enough for this, and let him choose some colourful school supplies.
  • Strive on Repeated Assurances: Assurances work wonders with kids, assure your child that no matter what, everything is going to be fine and you will be there to pick him up at the close. Some children feel that parents may get lost or may not be able to find the way back to school. Assure that you will be there, no matter what.


    Strike a Parting Ritual

  • Make A Parting Ritual: Resist your temptation to say that school will all be fun and that there’s nothing to be worried about. Instead, question your child on his fears and calm them down with information.
  • Make a Deal: Well, rewards can work constructively when your child is going through a transition phase. A stuffed toy, a new pencil case, a Barbie eraser, and even a block game can seal the deal.
  • Send a Security Along: If your toddler is fond of a toy, or a blanket, it is not entirely a bad idea to let the child take it with him to the day-care/school. It makes him feel secure and safe.
  • Be on Time: Children can run into frenzy if they are the last to be picked up. Ensure that you, or whoever is picking up the child from school is always on time.

The important thing to note here is that parents often make school a place for punishment – when you are not around and the little one is wandering amongst unfamiliar locations and people. These feelings stay in children long back and make it difficult for them as well as for parents to strike a good deal with going to school.

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