For many women and couples who do not want an unwanted or an unplanned pregnancy the emergency contraceptive pills are truly a medical gift. It is considered as a ‘back-up’ plan for rare rather than consistent use. Taking a pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex has aided so many couples where there was any risk of getting pregnant. So, it is barely a surprise that the number of women who are getting comfortable with using emergency contraceptive pills has increased tremendously as compared to earlier few years.
Emergency Contraceptive pill

What Is Meant By ‘Emergency Contraception’?

Emergency contraception, as the name suggests is a way to prevent a pregnancy after a limited time of having unprotected sex. It may well be noted here that emergency contraceptive pills can only prevent a pregnancy, not end one. These pills should only be used if the regular birth control method has failed – for example a slip or breakage of a condom, missing oral birth control pills, or miscalculating the ‘safe days’. Preventing a pregnancy after a rape, or unwanted coitus can also qualify to be an emergency situation and an emergency contraceptive pill is highly recommended in such cases. Remember never to use them as an option of regular contraception or birth control method, and reserve the use only for emergency situations.

How Do Emergency Contraceptive Pills Work?

Since these pills prevent a pregnancy from occurring when taken within a stipulated time frame, these work by delaying ovulation and hence preventing the eggs to be released from the ovary for fertilization. Some pills prevent a fertilized egg to implant itself in the uterus, while some inhibit fertilization completely. It may well be noted here that emergency contraceptive pills do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and nor do they cause abortions if a pregnancy has already happened. Further to this, the effectiveness of these pills depends on how soon you take them after having an unprotected intercourse. The sooner you take them, the greater the chances to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Top 8 Emergency Contraceptive Pills In India

There are many brands of emergency contraceptive pills available in the Indian market. These pills are hormonal contraceptives that are specifically sold for emergency contraception. Mostly available at most pharmacies and departmental stores, they do not usually require a prescription. Below we have discussed some of the most common and highly selling emergency contraceptive pill brands and their effectiveness to help you choose one should the need arise.

  1. I pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill: I-pill is one of the most popular emergency contraceptive pill in the Indian market which was launched by Piramal Healthcare. It contains the hormone levonorgestrol which when taken immediately after unprotected or contraceptive I-pillfailure offers maximum protection against pregnancy. It is also often known as one-pill packet. It is also known as ‘Plan b’ in the United States.
    How effective is I-Pill?: The success rate of I pill is about 80-90% depending upon how soon you have consumed it. When consumed within 12 hours of unprotected sex the effect is maximum or just consume it within the 72 hours after that it shows no result in protecting you from unintended pregnancy.
    Price: It is priced at Rs.75/- and is available in all leading pharmacy outlets all over the India.
  2. Unwanted 72: This is one more option of “single drug single dose” emergency contraceptive pill against unintended pregnancies. Unwanted 72 has been launched by Mankind Pharmaceuticals. It is also a hormonal based pill that is devoid of estrogen which generally makes it free from gastrointestinal upsets and nausea.
    How effective is Unwanted 72?: For an effective emergency contraception, 1.5 mg pill of unwanted 72 should be consumed in a single dose within 72 hours of having unprotected coitus. The proficiency of Unwanted 72 may not be preserved if used later than 72 hours after unprotected sex.
    Price: It is priced Rs. 80/- for a single pill and is also available in multi pack sizes with all leading chemists all over India.
  3. Preventol: This contraceptive pill is manufactured by Hill Life Care Ltd. and consists of two pills containing 0.75 mg of hormone levonorgestrol. First pill should be consumed as early as possible after unprotected sex and second pill should be taken 12 Preventohours taking the first pill.
    How effective is Preventol?: Preventol gives 85%-90% of efficacy against unwanted pregnancy when taken as prescribed. The crux here is that you need to take both the pills as indicated; consuming just one pill will not achieve the desired results.
    Price: It is very economical and is priced Rs. 50/- .
  4. Truston 2: Truston 2 emergency contraceptive pills are a pack of two tablets manufactured by V care Pharma Ltd. The brand claims that their “morning after pill” has zero side effects. First pill should be consumed soon after the unprotected sex, preferably within 24 hours and the second pill should be consumed after 12 hours.
    How effective is Truston 2?: They are quite effective and show 80% effectiveness when consumed timely.
    Price: These tablets are reasonably priced and cost only Rs. 60/-.
  5. Nextime pill: It is again an emergency contraceptive pill which should be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected sex and contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrol.
    How effective is Nextime pill?: It shows 80% efficacy when taken as per instructions on the pack.
    Price: Nextime contraceptive pills are cost-effective and are priced just Rs. 49/
  6. Clr-72: Clr-72 is a single pill oral contraceptive which should be consumed within 72 hrs of unprotected intercourse in order CLR-72to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. This emergency pill is manufactured by Vardhman Life care pvt. Ltd .
    How effective is Clr-72?: Manufacturers claims that it shows 80-90% efficacy when consumed within 24 hours.
    Price: It is priced for Rs.78/-
  7. Tpill-72: An oral emergency contraceptive pill which contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrol, Tpill 72 should be consumed in single dose within 72 hours of unprotected sex.
    How effective is Tpill 72?: It is known to have 80% effective if taken within 3 days of unprotected sex or in case of contraceptive failure.
    Price: The pill is priced for Rs. 69/-
  8. No-will pill: No will is an oral emergency contraceptive tablet that provides you an effective way to avert an unintended No will pillpregnancy. The pill should be consumed within 24 hours of unprotected sex in a single dose.
    How effective is No-will pill 2?: No-Will tablet is most effective within 24 hours of unprotected sex. The company claims effectiveness to the tune of 90% but if taken between 49-72 hours they are only 58% effective.
    Price: It is priced for Rs. 75/-.

As you can see there are plenty of emergency contraceptive pills in the market. You just have to consume them as per prescribed instructions given in the packet and they will provide you the desired result. However, emergency contraceptive pills should be used only in case of emergency. Regular use of 72 hour pill is not recommended. To steer clear of conception, always use contraceptive methods as per your preference.