Water Birth vs Normal Birth

How water birth can be a much more relaxing experience for the soon-to-be mother.

Normal labor can be incredibly painful and scary for a woman. But do you know what’s not scary and painful? Water birth! Coming to a bathtub near you!

Well, its not as painful, at least. There is no way pushing something the size of a football out of your body is completely painless.

A woman who chooses to have a water birth will be submerged in water (duh!) for the labor and delivery. Some women also choose to labor in the water and deliver the baby outside. Because warm water is all well and good, but nothing can beat the comfort of a well-heated bed. Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

Now let us take a look at the PAIN FACTOR. And, no, that isn’t the name of a cool band or a sick reality adventure TV show. Oh no, I’m talking about the actual pain that you experience when giving birth. Not as cool, but just as important. During water birth, the warm water acts as a pain reliever and also makes the contractions shorter and less intense.

And in normal birth, you can usually use epidural. But not in water birth, oh no, baby. We use warm water, or nothing. We’re going full-on natural. Experience how people gave birth hundreds of years ago with this utterly modern medication free birthing technique.

Now let’s talk money. Naturally, its one of the biggest concerns of any new mommy. Or any person at all, for that matter. How much does a water birth cost, I hear you ask. And the answer: the same. That’s right, folks, a water birth in a hospital setting costs more or less the same as a normal vaginal birth. Which makes sense, because it’s the same thing, by and large, plus water.

Another question you might have in mind is probably how does it feel. Well, it would probably be best if you ask someone who has actually done it. I, the writer, have never personally had a water birth. But through hours of arduous research, I did find something. Since the water birth makes for a shorter labor and also acts as a pain reliever, the pain is greatly reduced. The weightlessness of the water helps you disconnect from the situation, which can be helpful for something that is usually quite scary.

So, if you do decide to get a water birth, and listen to the instructions of both your doctor, and the number one expert (aka me), you will have a real live baby on your hands! With all the crying and screaming and peeing that makes them so adorable… I hope you’re happy with yourself. And good luck. You’ll need it.

BONUS Did you know a famous bollywood actress became the first in the industry to have a water birth? Kalki Koechlin had a water birth in early 2020, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sappho. This sweet child is turning a year old this month!