Pregnancy is the most awaited time in the life of a woman. Elders say a woman becomes complete when she becomes a mother, so this feeling is divine, though not everybody is blessed to be a mother yet there are new scientific discoveries which can help in one or the other way. To be pregnant is one thing, but it is equally important to know when to start testing for it as it has been seen that most of the time the pregnant ladies only come to know about their pregnancy after a few weeks have passed. So, let us find out when to test for pregnancy after understanding the few heads as below.

What Are The Minimum Days To Confirm Pregnancy?

Any pregnancy test can detect pregnancy once the periods are missed, few can even detect it much earlier. HCG is the hormone that helps in pregnancy and gets released once the implantation of the fertilised egg begins, and this is the point that the process of pregnancy begins.

Once pregnant, the body takes its own time in detecting the HCG levels. Usually takes from a week to 12 days after the implantation of the egg successfully happens.  An inaccurate result can be obtained though if the pregnancy test is taken too early in the cycle.

When To Test For Pregnancy?

The pregnancy test should ideally be taken once the periods don’t happen on the due date or a day to two later. This is the ideal time for getting the optimum results and start taking care of the health and alter the lifestyle to make it better for yourself and the coming baby.

Even though many tests can even detect pregnancy much before a period is missed, but the accuracy of the results could be in question. It is even seen that some specific pregnancy test can detect the HCG hormones present in the urine as early as about ten days if done after having sex without using contraceptives. Still, these tests might not be too reliable and could lead to false results as well.

In a situation, where one has a problem of irregular periods cycle, it is best to test the pregnancy test after three weeks of having sexual intercourse. It is highly advisable to take the test only after missing a period as that is one of the very first signs that indicate pregnancy or wait for a week after missing your period cycle for the best accuracy of results.

If the test is taken much earlier in the cycle, there are chances of inaccurate results. Few indicators for taking a pregnancy test are as follows:

1. Missing The Period:

This is one of the most reliable indicators of pregnancy, so it is best to keep track of the period’s cycle which is generally a 28 day one. So, if it has been more than 28 days and the woman has not received it, it is time to take the test.

  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that periods can get preponed or postponed if one is undergoing any physical exercise, stress or any specific diet.
  • It is even integral to keep a check on the blood flow in case one is suspecting to be pregnant.
  • One can even experience implantation bleeding or spotting in the initial days of pregnancy, which can be mistaken for periods. Still, spotting is different in texture, and the quantity of blood also differs.
  • It is best to seek medical help in case one is bleeding, and the results of the pregnancy test are positive.

2. Cramps:

The feeling of implantation also feels like the feeling of cramping and can be experienced in the early stages. In case one feels the cramps, but the menstrual cycle does not occur, then it is time to take the test.

3. Breast Discomfort:

As the pregnancy advances, the production of progesterone and oestrogen increases, making changes in the body that help with the growth of the baby. The breast becomes soft and increases in size due to the higher blood flow. The nipples, as well as the vein, start appearing dark as well. Some women also feel the breast discomfort before the period cycle starts, so it cannot always be a sign of pregnancy for all the woman.

4. The Different Feel:

Just the feel of being different, internally or outside, getting a metallic taste in the mouth, all can indicate pregnancy and are signs to get tested. Cramping and discomfort in the breast can even lead to, food cravings and aversions, nausea, increased frequency of urination, tiredness etc. All these signs become stronger with time so are the signs to get tested.

5. Contraception Failure:

Any contraceptives are not 100% safe, so there is always a slight chance to get pregnant even though one is cautious. Even if the contraceptives are used, but any of the above signs are showing, it is best to get tested.

Getting tested on time helps to ensure prenatal and postnatal care and keep oneself ready physically and emotionally before the arrival of the baby. If testing is done at the right time, adequate lifestyle changes, dietary changes can be made for a smoother pregnancy.

How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected By A Home Pregnancy Test?

Home pregnancy tests or HPT’s are very common, as well as accurate. These can easily be undertaken by the expectant mother a few days before the actual missed period or after a day or two of the missed period cycles. Pregnancy tests are of two kinds; blood and urine

The pregnancy test is taken through the urine sample. Given below are the steps for taking the pregnancy test at home.

  • These tests can be taken either at the hospital or home.
  • One needs to collect a few drops of urine
  • Then the drops can be poured on the strip, and within a few minutes, the lines start appearing.
  • Another way is when a pregnancy stick can be dipped in the pee sample
  • The results are in the form of a single or double pink line or a sign like “- “or “+” and even by wording like “not pregnant” or “pregnant.”
  • The results can then be cross-checked by the doctor.

A positive result indicates pregnancy even if the sign, colour or line might be a faint one.

So, the home pregnancy test can detect the result in a few minutes.

What Duration Does Is Required For Hcg to Show In Urine?

In case one is pregnant, the HCG hormone can be detected in the urine post ten days once the period cycle has been missed. This is also the time when the fertilised egg gets implanted to the uterus. The HCG levels increase rapidly in the initial week to 10 days of the cycle.

Can A Pregnancy Test Be Positive During Implantation?

With time, more advanced pregnancy test kits are available that help to detect the HCG in urine as within 3 to 4 days after implantation takes place, but with not so advanced ones, it can take a little more as well.  In case the pregnancy is detected on the first day of the missed period, the chances of the tests will be positive, but the accuracy could be in question.

The pregnancy test is generally positive if taken during the implantation, but the test kit advises that they should be taken a day before or after one has missed the period cycle. If the test is taken too early, that is before missing the period, or during the process of implantation the results could not be too reliable or positive, so the ideal time to get a test is following the week after the spotting has taken place as it gives the most accurate results.

How Long Should I Wait to Take A Pregnancy Test After A Negative Result?

Maximum pregnancy test comprises of an instruction manual that advises to wait for a week if the test results are negative and then retake the test. Negative results do not always indicate that one is not pregnant but could indicate the pregnancy test that has been taken too early or not taken properly, or it could be diluted, or not taken at the right time, and it could have the presence of some tranquilliser etc. These tests are sensitive and detect pregnancy by the level of HCG hormone in urine, so if the body does not get adequate time to produce the hormone, the test results will be negative.

It is also not advisable to sit for a long duration as that makes the test invalid.

Can You Be Pregnant And Never Get A Positive Test?

The levels of HCG in urine detect the pregnancy. Still, if the body does not adequate time for its production, the urine is diluted, not taken at the right time, or instructions are not followed properly, one might not get a positive result even though one is pregnant, So if the period cycle has been missed and other symptoms are showing up and if the home test is not positive, it is better to retest after waiting for few days or seek medical intervention.

Thus, Pregnancy tests are the most accurate if taken at the right time, which is a day before or after the missed period, as the levels of HCG that detect pregnancy are low in the beginning so if the levels are not build up and the tests are taken, the results might be negative and bot accurate. A negative test as discussed does not always indicate that the lady is not pregnant, at times it is even due to faulty measures, dilution, not paying heed etc. It is good to rely on the HTP’s or home pregnancy test, but doctors’ word should be the last, as one cannot risk two lives based on one test. The sooner the pregnancy is detected, the better one can plan for the arrival of the baby.