Working? Give Your Little One Ample Time

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Mornings are a perfect times to bond with babies

No wonder a lot of mothers opt to be stay at home moms as even the thought of leaving the little one can make one feel depressed. But for those who wish to make a career and be a mother, it is all about balancing and making the best of both worlds. Some parents find it to be stressful and frustrating  to leave their little one at home with a caregiver /daycare and rush to office, having a monotonous routine. Again, it is all about balancing and planning your day in such a way that you can spend maximum time after work, with the baby. Also it is very important to be present physically with the baby, and not just calling over every few hours and ensuring everything is alright. Even your new born can sense this if you are with him but thinking of something else or are stressed out about work. He/she will not be happy and may behave in a cranky manner.

  • Try to spend as much time as possible with your baby before you leave for office. Let your baby eat, take bath with you if he is grown enough for these tasks. If he’s still small, stay around him, talking and playing as you also complete your morning chores.
  • Plan your day in such a way that morning chores are reduced to a minimum.
  • Be strict about your timings to come home. Do not go to complete other tasks after office hours. If possible take your child along when you go out. The baby loves their parent’s presence.
  • Do not carry office to your home, instead try ensuring that your colleagues also call you only when it is very important.
  • After coming back from office, make sure you have minimum distraction once you are with your baby. Hug your baby, give him kisses, look into his eyes and smile. Half of your tiredness will blow away after looking at him. Playing with little ones is like mind spa.
  • On weekends go for kids movies’, game zones (if your toddler is grown enough), parks, swimming. Play with him, enjoy, have fun, love him!
  • If your baby is too small to talk, just play with him/her. Laugh; make faces when you are with the baby. He/she will enjoy it. Even if he cannot speak he would love watching you talk.
  • Take as many offs you can, from work (the leaves for which you are entitled) when your baby is small. Give your maximum time to her/him.
  • Moms need to spend some hours in beauty Salons every month. Try to arrange for home based beauty services where a beautician can come to your place and provide services. Another chance of being around your baby!
  • A mother may look after work from home jobs which are available with good pay. It is being very common among ladies who want to be with their kids while working.
  • If you drop your kid to daycare or nanny, prefer doing it as a couple so that the child get some more time with both of you. Talk to your child so that he/she get attached to you.
  • Prefer internet based shopping to save time and energy. The same time can be used for baby’s care or playing with her/him.
  • In the same way make most of your payments online to avoid visiting various places thus saving time

Children who grow under the supervision of parents generally make up good human beings. Though, even the parents at home sometimes are not able to spend enough time with their baby so do not feel guilty, but do whatever is in your capacity to ensure that that your little one is not left out in your busy schedule.

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