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Your Baby- Month 19

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Baby at 19 MonthsDuring the initial few months after your baby’s birth, you would have little track of time. So much time goes into the baby that you would have very little time to gauge the happenings around. A year and a half after the birth of your child, his/her physical development takes place at a vigorous pace. He/she would grow upto 8 inches a year, meaning he/she would require special focus on nutrition. This is the crucial period in the child’s development as the first seeds of personality are sown during this period.

What most children can do

At nineteen months, your baby can be a delight. He/she would light up your home and draw attention from visitors and neighbours. Since walking or locomotion is no longer an issue, your child would be able to accompany you on social visits without being a liability. This is a time for your child to engage in the first social interactions. He/she would be spoken to and most babies can be expected to provide an acceptable response. A child can be expected to favour certain people around him/her.

A child would love riding a tricycle or a scooter at this age. Most children would prefer to spend most of the time outdoors engaging in activities that allow lots of movement though there may be those who enjoy television. By this time, children can be expected to develop a taste for television programs. Some quiet children would take to drawing and solving puzzles. As parents, this is the time to encourage and provide the child what he needs. Activities such as climbing stairs that were difficult earlier would be achieved without much help.

Vocabulary develops profusely at this point of time. Most children would learn scores of words at this time. Pronunciation improves with every word. He/she would learn from the adult world around, from televisions and radios. The mind is fresh and receptive at this moment. Aggressive behaviour of protests would take verbal forms now.

At this age, a kid would love to climb table or chairs. The sense of inquisitiveness peaks around this time. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful where you keep stuffs such as medicines. Safety, both indoors and outdoors need to be monitored. Many children may develop certain habits such as bringing random objects to the mouth.

What some children can do

Some children of this age would be able to eat themselves. They may use their hands although some amount of spillage can be expected. Several would complain of not wanting to eat. These should be taken as cues to understand the taste preferences of the child. More than a few children would learn to use a pencil in a controlled way. Some may even be able to draw pictures that are imaginative in nature.

What few children can do

At nineteen months, children are not old enough to understand gadgets such as television. Although a child may enjoy at the colorful pictures being screened on the television or similar devices, there are only few who would manage to turn it on or off. The same can be said for computers. Few children would be able to play games of their choice on computers or hand held video games.

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