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What If Your Baby Chews on Batteries?

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Small babies are great observers, and it is practically not possible to keep something out of their observation. They can even find the minute particles that escape your eyes. Apart from the regular food, they love tasting all strange things present around them, and it could be the cap of a pen, a small peg, a glittery coin, a button battery, small pieces of toys or screws, etc. To prevent any potential threats to health, it is best to keep such things out of their sight and at places which they do not explore. Kids do not go by the texture but by the look, so right from metal, glass, clay mud anything can attract them, and this happens more frequently when they are teething as the gums start irritating and chewing anything soothes them down. Putting anything in the mouth can be harmful as most of them can lead to choking, and many materials are made with dangerous substances.
The most common item that babies ingest by mistake are batteries as they are most commonly found in their toys and if the battery cover is not fixed properly, they can easily pull them out and start biting or sucking on to them, and since they are toxic and made from other metals like zinc, lithium, etc., it can be fatal for them. So, it becomes imperative to be watchful over the kids and ensure they do not have such objects around them, and if the child seems to swallow the same accidentally, he should be rushed to the emergency immediately. Remember, the toxic substances inside the battery can leak any minute, and if not removed fast, it can be fatal.

Button Battery Hazard For Babies

The smallest size of the battery is the button battery, and owing to this, many kids swallow it by mistake or otherwise. The Alkaline types are difficult to be ingested as they can’t fit the baby’s mouth and can even get trapped in the throat that can lead to severe injuries so best to take an instant action in a situation where they are ingested. Most of the baby toys come with button batteries. This dramatically increased the instances of button battery hazards among the babies in recent years.
When the battery got stuck in the esophagus, the baby most likely will be subjected to severe oesophageal burns and subsequent life-threatening complications. Therefore, it is imperative to remove the batteries within 2 hours.

Signs And Symptoms Of Battery Ingestion

Like stated earlier, the ingestion of any type of batteries is harmful to the child. It is important to keep an eye on the kids while they are at play or roaming all over the place. It has been seen that even though kids are at the watch, still they do ingest batteries by chance or intentionally, so it is best to watch out for these indicators, which will help detect if there is any such situation. If the parents haven’t noticed the ingestion. These symptoms are:

  1. Pain in the abdominal area
  2. Nausea
  3. Choking issues
  4. Persistent salivating
  5. Stools of dark color with blood
  6. Breathing disorders

Battery Acid Poisoning In Babies

The batteries are made from dangerous substances, so if ingested by the baby, it can lead to severe results. For the babies, the situation can be bad as batteries have acid in them. Chewing or licking the batteries, leads to burns in the mouth due to the acid present in them. This acid can be in different forms, liquid as well as dry peels. It has been seen that in any of the forms, the acid can even make a baby turn blind as it can get into his eyes, causing severe inflammation and acute pain.

What To Do If Your Baby Ingested A Battery?

What To Do If Your Baby Ingested A Battery
The babies can easily find batteries from their soft toys, cars, remote control, etc., so it something readily available to the babies. Despite keeping a check on the baby, in case of a situation where the baby ingests a battery, the baby must be immediately rushed to the hospital.  There the doctor will remove it immediately through endoscopy, if

  • It gets trapped in the throat
  • The child shows the difficulty in breathing
  • The child complains acute stomach ache
  • Vomiting accompanied by blood
  • The battery is too big for a baby who is below six years but has not come out from the stool for over two days

In such a situation, it is advisable not to give the baby anything for eating as well as drinking and above all, never try to make the baby vomit forcefully. This will increase the chance of bringing back the battery back to the food pipe.

Safety & Prevention Tips For Battery Ingestion

As kids, they can’t be stopped playing from anything, and neither are they sensible enough to know the right and wrong for them. Kids can’t be stopped from playing as they are too fond of exploration and experimentation, and this is also the way they learn. As adults, it becomes our accountability to foster a safe surrounding for them to be able to learn and grow. For the safety of the child and preventing him from ingestion of the battery, we should take the following steps as below:

  • The kid should always be safe, and no hazardous substance or unsafe tools or objects should be around him
  • Always be watchful about the baby.
  • Keep the batteries in a box that is out of reach of the children.
  • Keep the battery socket in toys covered with tape so the child cannot access it.

Thus, we need to keep telling ourselves that “they are kids,” and we need to be extra cautious, especially with sharp objects, toxic material, and batteries. No need to stop buying your little one’s favorite toy just because it works with a button battery.  We need to buy battery toys still but be alert and notice that the batteries remain intact so that the safety of the child is ensured. In case of an accident, rushing to the doctor is the most crucial step.

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