10 Quick Anytime Snacking Ideas For Toddlers

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Editorial Team

Your child is definitely most active during the toddler years of his life. And at the same time he gets involved in so many things that he might not take much interest in eating. But as a mother, it is your responsibility to make sure that your toddler receives a nutritious diet.
A nutritious diet consumed today will lay the foundation of a healthy tomorrow. Food consumed today will definitely help him mentally as well as physically. But the problem occurs when the toddler refuses to eat proper food during mealtimes. In that case, the best way to continue with the supply of nutrition is that you start feeding him frequent healthy snacks. This way your toddler will not get bored of eating and you will be sure that he is consuming enough healthy things.
So, now let’s move on to talk about some of these quick and easy anytime snacking ideas for your little ones.

Easy And Quick Snacks For Your Toddler

With these amazing snacking ideas, get ready to make a new food plan for your toddler, and include a lot of healthy and nutritional snacks to keep his active feet busy all day long.

  1. Yogurt, Topped With Fresh And Soft Fruits: quick-snacks-for-toddlers

    Doesn’t it sound like a perfect and wholesome dish? Of course yes, because on one side it has yogurt which enjoys the reputation of being the best calcium-supplier, and on other side, we have fruits that can work best in providing various vitamins and fiber required for the body to be active. Apart from that, this snack also prevents dehydration caused by excessive physical activity.

  1. Whole Grain Cereal:

    This power booster is proven to be the healthiest and the best breakfast to start a morning with. Moreover, it will supply these to your toddler,

  • a whole bowl of whole grain can give your tot a great supply of calcium, vitamins and essential fibers.
  • To make it even more nutritious, you can always combine it with milk or yogurt. And top it up with delicious fruits.

   Now that’s something your toddler just can’t refuse.

  1. Healthy Bakes: 

    As soon as you say CAKE Your child is sure to come running to you. And he would never be able to guess the kind of nutrition store-house mamma has baked for him. And since nutrition is the priority, try baking banana/strawberry/sweet potato cakes. Moreover to give it a twist, you can also try cupcakes and whole grain cookies to add to the fun of healthy snacking.

  1. Peanut Butter Spread:

    Avoid buying store-made jams and bread spreads. Since the preservatives and MSG present in those might prove to be detrimental for your child’s health, try going for homemade peanut butter spread as a quick snack for your tot. Peanuts are high in nutrition and it plays a vital role in boosting your child’s energy as well as brain development.

  1. Fresh Juices: 

    “Go natural, live healthy.” What better than a glass of chilled fresh fruits on a tiring day. Make it a habit to give your toddler at least one glass of fruit juice daily. They play a great role in enriching our body with vital nutrients and prevents dehydration.

   Avoid ready made fruit juice packs and give your tot freshly squeezed juice only.

  1. Bowl Of Fresh Fruits: 

    Even better than serving fruit juice, would be a bowl of freshly cut fruits. Fruits are the richest source of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that is a boon for your child’s health. If the kid shows reluctance in eating plain fruits, you can always serve it with jam topping or in a form of fruit custard.

  1. Veggies: 

    It is very important for your super active toddler to chew on some veggies as his snack. Green leafy vegetables play a great role in improving digestion and increasing the appetite of your toddler.

   Make the vegetable look appealing by stuffing them in a role or by battering them in a sandwich.

  1. Porridge: 

    This is another brilliant snacking solution for your toddler. There are many ways of serving it, like,

  • Adding pieces of meat in it to increase its taste as well as nutritional value.
  • When mixed with other veggies and meat, it becomes a wholesome diet that is not only tasty but is super-healthy.
  • This helps in increasing your child’s immune system
  1. Eggs: 

    This quick and protein rich snack has got no rival. This is best in many ways, like

  • A couple of eggs supplies sufficient protein to your toddler’s growing needs
  • It’s very easy to do innovations with eggs. Simply mix scrambled egg with veggies or stuff the sandwich with a half fry. Easy-Peasy and super healthy!
  1. Pasta:

    And here comes, every kid’s favorite snack item. The interesting shapes and yummy taste is sure to win any kid’s heart. Pastas are made of vermicelli, that is a power food in itself.

To make it even more nutritious, you can always toss in some colorful veggies and cheese. This snack is a good stomach-filler and your child is definitely going to ask for a second helping if you give him in small portions.

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