300 Unique Lord Rama Names For Your Baby Boy

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Lord Rama Names For Your Baby Boy

A child is a blessing from God and also precious for the parents. So, they take utmost care of the smallest of their needs and pay attention to every detail required, be it their clothes, diet, games, doctors, medicines, their little milestones etc. It is obvious that every parent looks forward to some quality in the child, so they are on the lookout for names which exhibit the same quality that they wish the child to have. Naming the child after a god is very common in our culture and there are even many names that are kept after the deities as well.

One such deity after which many baby boys are named is Lord Rama. Lord Rama names are found in almost every language. The names of Lord Rama name in Marathi are many which could either be another name for the lord or describing the virtues of the lord. Baby boy names from Ramayana are also very famous and could even be names associated with Lord Rama. In Telugu Lord Rama is known as Ramudu. Ramudu father and mother name are also chosen for the names of babies. Ramudu’s father is King Dashrath, and his mother’s name is Kaushhalya. He is bestowed with and has all virtues. Going forward we will be having a look at the 300 names of Lord Rama for a baby boy in a tabular form.

300 Unique Lord Rama Names For Your Baby Boy

Lord Rama is the seventh avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu and also manifests all virtues in the world. Lord Rama is also the ideal brother, husband and son and even a king. He is also the first born of Raja Dashrath who was king of Ayodhaya. Lord Rama is known by many different names like Raghav, Ramachandra and Koshlendra etc as they all reflect some attributes of his personality. Experts believe that name has a significant role to play in the life of the baby so name should be such that can affect the personality and instil virtues in him.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabir It means patient and in hindi , it means colour
2 Aadhish It means one who is full of wisdom
3 Aadiv It means the delicate and sensitive one
4 Aadrik It means the unique one
5 Aahan It means the morning glory
6 Aahil It refers to a prince
7 Aanay It is the consort of goddess
8 Aarav It refers to the peaceful one
9 Aariv It refers to the king of wisdom
10 Aariz It means the intelligent one
11 Aarnav It means a wave
12 Aarsh It means the truthful one
13 Aarush It means the calm and brilliant one
14 Aashvith It signifies an ocean
15 Aayan One who has a religious inclination
16 Aayansh It is the first ray of light
17 Abhiram It means the wonderful and pleasing one
18 Adhrith One who needs no support
19 Adipurusha It means fresh, timeless and inspirational
20 Advait It is the unique one
21 Advik It refers to the unique one
22 Advitya It means the unique one
23 Agastya It is the name of a sage
24 Agram It means the first one
25 Ahalyashapashamana Remitter of Ahalya’s curse
26 Aidan It refers to the intelligent one
27 Akshaj It refers to diamond
28 Akshant It refers to the winner
29 Amal It refers to a bright personality
30 Amay It means the innocent one
31 Anantaguna It, means the one who has many virtues
32 Anantram Eternal God; Immortal God; One of many names of Lord Ram
33 Anikrat Derived from Lord Rama’s name; An understanding, the son of a high race
34 Anirved It means the courageous and positive one
35 Anmay One who cannot be broken
36 Anvit One who is friendly
37 Anvith It means companion
38 Arhaan It means the one who can be worshipped
39 Arham One who is merciful
40 Arwin It means a honoured friend
41 Aryash It means the brilliant one
42 Ashaz It refers to one in a million
43 Ashvik It is the victorious and blessed one
44 Atharv It signifies a name of a ved
45 Avdesh Another name of Lord Rama
46 Avir It means the brave one
47 Aviraj One who shines as bright as the sun
48 Avyan It means the one without imperfections
49 Avyukt The one with clear mind
50 ayansh It refers to the gift of god
51 Ayman It means the lucky one
52 Bhavish It refers to the lord of existence
53 Bhuvan It means one of the three worlds
54 Brahmanya Supreme godhead
55 Charvik It means intelligent and brilliant
56 Chinmay It means one with full knowledge
57 Daksh It means capable and talented
58 Dakshith It is the one who is derived from daksh
59 Danta Calm, A Name for Lord Hanuman
60 Darsh It refers to the handsome one
61 Darshil It looks the perfect and attractive one
62 Dasharathi Lord Rama
63 Dayasara It is a great option for parents as it signifies kindness
64 Devansh It means the eternal part of god
65 Dhanurdhara It means the one with a bow in hand
66 Dhanvine It means one who is born from the sun race
67 Dhishan It refers to the intelligent one
68 Dhritil It refers to one who is calm and composed
69 Dhruv It means the faithful and the firm one
70 Dhruvish It means the firm one
71 Dhruvith It means the adaptive and peaceful one
72 Divit It means the immortal one
73 Divyam One who is divine and spiritual
74 Divyansh It means the part of god
75 Diyan It means the bright one
76 Dooshanatrishirohantre Slayer of dooshanatrishira
77 Ekaksh It means the focussed and firm one
78 Ekram Regard; Honour; One who is held with great respect; One of many names of Lord Ram
79 Eshaan It refers to the sun
80 Hanumadakshita Depends and trusts Hanuman to fulfil his task
81 Harakodhandarama Armed with the curved Kodhanda bow
82 Hari The Sun; Man; Green; Light
83 Hariram Lord Rama
84 Hitansh It means the well wisher
85 Hridhaan It means the generous and compassionate one
86 Hrihaan It means the god’s chosen one
87 Ishaan It means the sun
88 Jagadguruve Spiritual teacher of the universe of Dharma, Artha and Karma
89 Jaitra signifies victory and can be shortened to Jai
90 Jaivik It refers to a pure and divine person
91 Janakinath Lord Rama
92 Janakivallabha Janakis consort
93 Janardana Lord Krishna, One who helps people
94 Jayantatranavarada Boon provider to save Jayanta
95 Jeyaram Heart of the lord ram
96 Jitakrodha Conqueror of anger
97 Jitamitra Vanquisher of foes
98 Jitavarashaye Conqueror of the ocean
99 Jitendra Winner, He Defeated Indra
100 Jitendriya Who has Control over Sense Organs
101 Jiyaan Is the one who is always happy
102 Jiyansh It means a part of life
103 Kairav It means one who  is born of water
104 Kanav It means wise and beautiful
105 Kanishk It refers to an ancient king
106 Kartik One with courage and joy
107 Kausaleya This name means Kausalya’s son
108 Kaveer It refers to the sun
109 Kavyansh It means the intelligent one
110 Keyan It refers to the king
111 Kharadhwamsine Slayer of demon khara
112 KIaan It means the grace of god
113 Kiansh One with all qualities
114 Kratav It refers to trimurti god
115 Krishav It is a mix of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
116 Krishay It is one of the names of god
117 Krithvik It means the joyful one
118 Kritik It refers to the god’s child
119 Kriyansh It is a modern name of God
120 Lavyaansh It means the handsome one
121 Lishanth It means the lucky one
122 Maahir Brave and skilled
123 Mahabhuja Giant armed; Broad chested Lord
124 Mahadeva This name refers to the lord of the lords
125 Mahadevadi Pujita
126 Mahapurusha Great being
127 Mahrash It means a great saint
128 Mahayogi This name signifies a supreme meditator, a shortened name from this is Mahi
129 Mahayogine Supreme meditator
130 Mahodara Generous and kind
131 Manvik One who is intelligent and kind-hearted
132 Mayamanushyacharitra Incarnation of the human form to establish Dharma
133 Mayamareechahantre Slayer of demon tatakas son mariachi
134 Mayank It refers to calm and serene
135 Medhansh One who is born intelligent
136 Meer It signifies a leader
137 Mehul It refers to the cloud
138 Mihran It means kindness
139 Mitabhashini Reticent and mellifluous speaker
140 Mivaan It means the rays of the sun
141 Mokshith It means the liberated one
142 Mounish It means the attractive one
143 Mrutavanarajeevana Reviver of dead monkeys
144 Munisansutasanstuta Worshipped by sages
145 Naksh It refers to a moon
146 Navish It means the sweet one
147 Neelesh It refers to moon
148 Nihit It means god gifted
149 Nikshit It refers to sharpness
150 Nirved It refers to a gift by god
151 Nitim One with prudent behhaviour
152 Nivaan It means a holy soul
153 Ojas It means vigour
154 Paarth It refers to the son of earth
155 Para Best; The Goddess who is above the five elements
156 Parabrahmane It means the supreme one
157 Paraga Uplifter of the poor
158 Parakasha Bright
159 Paramapurusha The supreme Man
160 Paramatmana It means supreme soul
161 Parasmaidhamne It refers to lord of Vaikuntha
162 Parasmaijyotishe Most radiant
163 Parasme It means the superior one
164 Paratpara It means the greatest
165 Paresha It means the lord of the lord
166 Peetavasane Wearing yellow attire signifying purity and wisdom
167 Pitrabhakta Devoted to his father
168 Praneel It means the life giver
169 Pranith It means the calm one
170 Pransh One who is full of life
171 Prashav It means the one who provides food
172 Pranshul It is one of the avatars of Lord Ram
173 Prayan It means the intelligent one
174 Prish It means the god gifted
175 Priyanshu It refers to the first ray of sunlight
176 Punyodaya It means the one who offers immortality
177 Puranapurushottama Supreme being of the puranas
178 Purvabhashine It means one who knows the future. It shows a regal and aristocratic touch
179 Raghav Lord Rama
180 Raghava Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God
181 Raghavendra Leader of the Raghus
182 Raghubir Lord Rama, Brave descendant of Raghu
183 Raghukumara Lord Rama, a Prince, belonging to the Raghu clan
184 Raghunandan Son of Rahgu
185 Raghunath Lord Rama
186 Raghupati Lord Rama
187 Raghupungava Scion of raghakula race
188 Raghuram Lord Ram
189 Raghuveer Lord Rama
190 Raghuvir Lord Rama
191 Raghvendra Lord Rama
192 Ragunathan Lord Rama, Lord of the Raghu clan
193 Rajeevalochana It means the one who has lotus eyes
194 Rajendra It means the lord of the lords
195 Ram It is a Sanskrit name ; where Ra means the superior name and Ma means mind. So, this name means the one with a pure mind
196 Ramabhadra This means auspicious
197 Ramachandra This means gentle as the moon
198 Ramadeep Lord Rama; One who is absorbed in the light of Lords Love
199 Ramaiah Lord Rama
200 Ramaswamy Lord Rama
201 Ramavatar Reincarnation of Lord Rama
202 Ramaya Lord Rama
203 Ramchandar Lord Rama; Moon
204 Ramji Lord Rama, Ji denotes respect
205 Ramkishore Lord Rama
206 Ramkumar Lord Rama
207 Rammohan Lord Rama
208 Ramnath Lord Shiva; Rameshwaram; Lord Rama
209 Ramoji Lord Rama
210 Ramprasad Gift of Lord Rama
211 Rampratap Lord Rama
212 Ramratan Jewel of Lord Rama
213 Ramswaroop Lord Rama
214 Ransh Another name of Lord Rama
215 Ridansh It means a part of heart
216 Ridit It means the world known one
217 Rihaan It means the one chosen by god
218 Rishaank It refers to a devotee of Lord Shiva
219 Rishav It means excellent and superior
220 Rishit It means the best one
221 Ronav The one who has charm and grace
222 Rudra It means the fearsome one
223 Rudransh It means part of Rudra
224 Ruhaan It means the compassionate one
225 Saish It means the one blessed by god
226 Saketharaman A Name for Lord Rama, A name of Lord Rama
227 Samarth It means the powerful one
228 Sanav It refers to the sun
229 Sarvadevadideva This means lord of the gods
230 Sarvadevastuta Worshipped by all divine beings
231 Sarvadevatmika Dwells in all gods
232 Sarvateerthamaya One who turns the water of ocean sacred
233 Sarvayagyodhipa Lord of all sacrificial offerings
234 Sarvopagunavarjita Destroyer of all evil
235 Satvik It means a balanced attitude and mind
236 Satyavache Lord Rama, Speaker of Truth
237 Satyavrata It means the one who always adopts being truth
238 Satyevikrama Truth makes him powerful
239 Saumit It means one who has everything
240 Setukrute Builder of the bridge over ocean
241 Shamanth Lord Rama, Raising Sun
242 Shanay It refers to the one who will last forever
243 Shashvata It means the eternal one
244 Shayan It means the courteous and intelligent one
245 Shiven It means the destroyer
246 Shlok It means the hymns of lord
247 Shoora It also means the valiant one
248 Shree Ram Lord Rama
249 Shreyas It means the virtuous one
250 Shrihan It means the handsome one
251 Shrimate A beautiful name and also means the one who is revered by all
252 Shrithik The one with an influential personality
253 Shriyansh One who is wealthy and lucky
254 Shyamanga Dark skinned one
255 Sitakanta Lord Rama, Beloved of Sita
256 Smitavaktra The one which refers to the one with smiling face
257 Smruthasarvardhanashana Destroyer of devotees sins through their meditation and concentration
258 Soumya Soft, Loveable, Obedient
259 Sreeram Lord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
260 Sriansh One who is born with ansh
261 Srinish One who has abode of wealth
262 Sriram Lord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing; Charming and beautiful
263 Stavya It refers to the one who is praised by all
264 Sudhi It means a wise scholar
265 Suhaan It means the pleasant one
266 Sukhakar Lord Rama; Giving happiness; Name of Krishna
267 Sundara Beautiful, Lovely, Handsome, Charming
268 Taksh It refers to the one with a strong character
269 Tanush It refers to a blessing
270 Tashvin It refers to a generous one
271 Tatakantaka It means the demon who was killed by Lord Rama. The name is charismatic, assertive and strong
272 Trilokarakshaka Protector of the three worlds
273 Trilokatmane It is a sporty and means the lord of the three worlds
274 Tripurte It denotes a manifestation of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva
275 Trivikrama Conqueor of the three worlds
276 Vagmine A strong and noble name that means a spokesman
277 Valipramathana Slayer of Vali
278 Varaprada This name means an answer to the prayers
279 Varda It means diety
280 Varenya It refers to a powerful personality
281 Vatradhara Practising Penance, Lord Rama
282 Ved It refers to sacred knowledge
283 Vedantasarea It means the personification  of life and philosophy of life
284 Vedatmane It refers to the one who has the spirit of vedas in him
285 Veer It means the courageous one
286 Vibheeshanaparitrate Befriended vibbeeshana
287 Vipnesh It means the radiant one
288 Viradhavadha It means the demolisher of the demon
289 Viraj It refers to the biggest in universe
290 Viransh It means the strong one
291 Viren It means the lord of warriors
292 Vishi It means a dreamer
293 Vishruth It means the renowned and delighted one
294 Vishwamitrapriya Vishwamitras loved one
295 Vivaan The one who is full of life
296 Yajvane It means the one who performs yagnas
297 Yaksh It refers to the one who represents god
298 Yakshit One who is permanent
299 Yuvaan One who is youthful
300 Zayan It means the graceful one

Thus, Lord Rama is one of the most common gods worshipped in Hinduism and is also known as Purushottam, he is also the adored one who is the hero of the epic Ramayana. So, naming a baby boy after such a virtuous deity will always be beneficial for the future of the baby as the name is like a jewel that adorns the personality.

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