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Written by Sindhuja Prabhu

Sindhuja Prabhu

Most children love fairy tales. They just lose themselves in the magical world and enjoy the story as if they were the main characters. Fairy tales have that impact on their listeners, simply because they are not real. Rapunzel is one such fairy story about a princess and a witch, you can tell your kids.

It is a story about a girl with very long hair, both girls and boys will enjoy it. Girls may favor the story more as the main character is a girl and it revolves around her long hair. You can tell the story of Rapunzel to children of all age groups as the message it carries is important for all young minds.

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Unknown Facts About the Story

Rapunzel is a fairy tale, retold and recreated many times. Originally from Germany, Rapunzel is a part of the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. The story has been one of the top favorites of children since 1812. The story has been adapted into an animated movie too.

Characters in Rapunzel Story

The characters in this story are-

  • Rapunzel – A lonely girl stuck in a tower talking to birds and bees
  • The Witch – A cruel witch who kidnaps a baby from their parents
  • The Prince – A handsome young prince who braves the witch and all obstacles to save Rapunzel

Rapunzel Short Story in English

rapunzel story with pictures

Once upon a time, there lived a childless couple, next door to a witch. The witch’s garden was full of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

One day, when the wife was looking into the garden from her window, she spotted some fresh ripe rampions. They looked so good but she knew she could not have them as they belonged to the witch. The husband decided to get some rampion from the mighty witch’s garden, for his dear wife.

He climbed over the garden wall, plucked a handful of rampion and rushed back to his wife. The wife cooked them immediately and enjoyed the rampions. When the witch found out her neighbor was stealing from her garden, she became very angry and decided to punish them. However, she agreed to let them eat her rampion if they promised to give their child to her.

Now, since they did not have any children, the husband readily agreed thinking they would never have children and could continue to enjoy the rampions. However, a few years later, the wife gave birth to a beautiful girl with luscious golden hair.

images of rapunzel story

The witch took away the baby the same night and locked her up in a tall tower with no doors or windows. She named the baby Rapunzel, who grew up alone in the tower with no contact with the outside world.

Rapunzel knew nothing of the outside world. She just knew the forest, the trees, birds, and animals in the forest. She often sang in her beautiful voice to while away her time. The evil witch was her only visitor and she had no human friends.

Every time the witch came to the tower, she would shout out “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair”. She would drop her long golden hair through a window on top of the tower and the witch would climb in using her hair.

One day, a prince was passing through the forest and heard Rapunzel singing. He was very impressed by her voice and went searching for it. When he reached the voice, he was surprised by the strange-looking tower in the middle of the forest, with no doors or windows. He could hear the beautiful voice but could not see anyone.

rapunzel story in english

Suddenly, he saw the witch and hid behind the bushes. He watched how she called out to Rapunzel and climbed into the tower using her hair. After the witch left, the prince called out to Rapunzel just like the witch and she let down her hair. He climbed her hair and reached the top of the tower. 

Rapunzel was shocked to see the prince and was scared. The prince asked Rapunzel to marry him as he had fallen in love with her beautiful voice. He requested her to come away with him and live in his castle as his queen. Rapunzel was very happy to hear this but told him she could not get away from the witch or the tower.

rapunzel original story

The witch was watching all this, hiding behind the bushes. She got very angry with both of them. The witch cut away Rapunzel’s hair and made the prince blind, using a curse. She left the prince in a deserted forest and he got lost.

After a few years, the wandering blind prince heard a beautiful voice singing and knew it was Rapunzel. He slowly found his way to her and she started crying on seeing him. Her tears rolled into his eyes as she hugged him crying. The tears brought back vision into the prince’s eyes.

He then took her back to his kingdom and made her his wife and queen of the kingdom. They lived happily ever after.

Rapunzel Story Summary

Rapunzel is a beautiful girl with long golden hair. A witch takes her away from her parents and locks her up in a big tower with no doors or windows. She would let her long hair down for the witch to climb into the house. A prince on seeing this, rescues Rapunzel and marries her. 

Moral of Rapunzel Story

The moral of the story is – never lose hope and always keep trying. If something is meant to happen, it will eventually happen. No matter how tough the situation is, or how much someone tries to control you, if you put in the effort, you can reap the benefits.

How Can Children Apply the Lesson of The Story in Their Real Life?

Children can get dejected and lose hope very easily. Some children are too sensitive to tackle obstacles. This story helps them understand everyone has their share of challenges and limitations. 

Today, many parents don’t prefer telling their children fairy tales where a prince comes and saves a girl in distress. With gender equality gaining importance among the younger generation, these stories are losing their charm. However, these stories have other important messages we can tell our children. The story of Rapunzel teaches us to never lose heart and always stay hopeful for better things to come.  

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